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Year 6

Miss Opalko   Mr Brutnall   Mr Woods   Mrs Griffiths   Mrs Thomson    Mrs Campbell (from April 2021)

Welcome to Year 6

After a fantastic Autumn Term, where our Y6 children settled back into the routines of school life so happily and confidently, we are disappointed to be (once again) in a situation where the majority of our children are now learning remotely from home.  We know that the best place for children to learn the national curriculum is in school and it places additional pressure on family life trying to motivate and encourage your children to follow the school curriculum at home.  Please be assured that as soon as the children are allowed to return to school physically, the team here will be ready and waiting for them.


For now, we can offer:

All teaching videos and tasks set easily accessed through Google Classroom

At least one hour live with the class teacher per day split into a morning and afternoon session

Additional live 1:1 reading and intervention sessions as appropriate

Weekly loan of physical reading books so the children can practise their developing reading skills with physical books as well as online resources

The loan of devices and dongles if technology or data allowances are a barrier to your child joining in with live sessions and Google Classroom work

Pastoral support through our full time Parents Support Advisor, Cathy Mason.

Regular email contact with parents and phone calls home if requested

Feedback on work completed through:

  • individual Mote voice notes
  • individual written feedback
  • whole class maths feedback through teacher recorded videos following a review of the maths learning tasks


If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us on

Well done Year 6! Look at where all that hard work and team work got you! Keep it up...