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St Edmund Campion Parish

Fr Liam is our Parish Priest

Sacraments 2021

Parish News: A message from Fr Liam


Life of the Church: It is a challenging but life-giving experience to create the ‘domestic church’ at home.

It is always encouraged by the Universal Church that our first experience of church is at home with family. It is amazing to hear of all the creative and inspiring stories of how you are keeping the faith and prayer alive in your home on a daily and weekly basis.

Feel free to write a short paragraph of some of the things you are doing. This may inspire other families in their role of creating the ‘domestic church’.

At present, we have daily Eucharist in the church via Zoom and YouTube, and the church building is open to the wider community four days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.30am to 11am and on Sunday for the 10am, 12pm and 6pm Masses.

Courses and prayer groups are online via the parish website and are proving very popular.


With regards to the reception of Sacraments, it has been decided that (following consultation with the local clergy, including Fr. John at St. Joseph’s and the Parish Pastoral Council) the best way forward during this pandemic is to postpone all classes of instruction until Autumn 2021.

In effect, this means that First Holy Communion; First Sacrament of Reconciliation; Sacrament of Confirmation; RCIA (receptions of adults into the Church), will only take place from Easter 2022. (April to June).

We endeavour to keep the church open and, for the time being, encourage people to make up their own mind about attending public Mass or participate via livestreaming from home.

Once the lockdown is completed and it is ‘safer’ to meet for prayer together, we encourage and invite you to start coming back to celebrate the sacraments in our parish church. It is essential that we, as a community, continue our pilgrim journey of getting back into the rhythm of the Church's liturgy and life.

As families - children and adults - let's endeavour to bring a sense of peace, calm and belonging, back into our church and allow time from the easing of restrictions until about October to let people come and worship, and to greet and feel at ease in the church and Parish Centre.

A time will come when it will be ripe to begin classes for preparation of the various sacraments.

We pray for patience and perseverance and an end to this dreadful pandemic.


God bless,

Fr Liam