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Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Jennifer Camp-Overy


Miss Lisa Opalko

Assistant Head and SENDCo

Mrs Sarah HubbardBusiness Manager - school
Mrs Alma PowellBusiness Manager - nursery
Mrs Cathy MeliDesignated Safeguarding Lead and Pastoral Lead
Mrs Teri GrayNursery Lead 
Mrs Emily TangReception Lead and English Lead

Miss Jennifer Mulvany

Y1-3 Phase Lead and Maths Lead

Mrs Faith MarriottUKS2 Lead and RE Lead

Mr Eric Brutnall

Community Partnerships Lead

The Senior Leadership Team is responsible for curriculum design, progression and overall curriculum leadership.  Middle leaders very ably support this through their co-ordinator role.

Support Team


Mrs Karen Murdoch

Office manager

Mr Adrian Tracy

Site Controller

Mrs Marie Walton

Lunch Team Lead

Teachers - there are two classes in each year group

Mrs Emily Tang


Miss Lauren Lazenby


Miss Molly Bingham

Year One

Mrs Saika Hassan

Year One

Miss Jennifer Mulvany

Year Two

Miss Megan McAuley

Year Two

Mrs Braar and Miss Mulvany

Year Three

Miss Rebecca Harte

Year Three

Mrs Elle Parsons

Year Four

Mr Eric Brutnall

Year Four

Mrs Olivia Faruki and Mrs Rachael Jenkins

Year Five

Mrs Philomena Burrows

Year Five

Mrs Cara Elliott and Miss Lisa Opalko

Year Six

Mr Barry Mason

Year Six

Mr Matt Woods

Computing Specialist

Mrs Philippa TreacyForest School Teacher
Mrs Catharine DavidsonScience Specialist

Teaching Assistants

Our superb team of teaching assistants work across different classes and with different children according to need.  

Mrs Angela Billson

Mrs Margaret Campbell

Mrs Julie Curran

Mrs Sofia Nazir

Mrs Mel Holden

Miss Tess Evans

Mrs Judith Haynes

Mrs Sarah Harris

Miss Charlotte GrantMrs Helen McNamee

Mrs Zoe Liverpool

Mrs Harini Rajagopalan

Mrs Lesley O’Meara

Mrs Mandie Lazenby

Mrs Chris Twitchen

Mrs Ankita Kotecha

Mrs Alex Cullen

Mrs Aleksandra Malendowicz

Miss Chelsea Vickers

Mrs Cat Thompson

Mrs Jyotsna SharmaMiss Tess Evans
Mrs Fozia HassanMiss Charlotte Gray
Mrs Pamela Wade 

Lunch Team

Mrs Marie Walton

Ms Shirley-Anne Little

Mrs Julie Brinsden

Mrs Isla Lewis

Mrs Linda Creffield

Mrs Shirley Little