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Children in reception, Y1 and Y2 are provided with a school lunch each day.  They can choose their lunch preference each morning; there is no need to do this in advance.  We know that some children prefer a packed lunch so parents/carers are free to provide a nut free packed lunch for their child.


Children in Y3-Y6 can choose to buy a school lunch each day or bring a nut free packed lunch to school.


Due to the recent financial challenges and changes in work status faced by many, you may find that you now qualify for free school meals.  You can input your details at to find out very quickly.  We can then arrange for you to have supermarket vouchers until school is open for all pupils.  Again, this will be dealt with in complete discretion.  The children themselves won’t know that they are in receipt of FSM – it is all done online.


Nut-Free School


To ensure the safety of all our pupils, all nut-based products have been banned from the school premises. Please do not send your child into school with any nut-based product for a snack or packed lunch – this includes products that may contain traces of nuts. Potential allergens can include the following:

· Spreads, e.g. chocolate spread

· Cereal bars

· Some types of biscuit containing nuts

· Condiments, e.g. satay sauce

· Cakes containing nuts

· Some snack pots containing nuts

It is important that you check the labelling of food products before sending your child in to school with them

– it is not always apparent that products contain nuts or traces of nuts.


Thank you for your support with this.