Failed E-Mail

If you are not receiving the school e-mails, then please check the SPAM box and add to your contacts list.

If it’s not there and we have confirmed your e-mail is on the mailing list, then it maybe that you have linked the account you use with a g-mail account that you don’t access/use often.

Please check that g-mail account as well looking in SPAM.

 An explanation
For some users our g-mail groups system is substituting a g-mail account for the yahoo/Hotmail account, [i.e. yours] that we’ve input. We’ve discovered this is because your account has been identified by Google as being associated with that g-mail account, maybe it is a recovery e-mail address.

Mr Foulds has done a test on <> a Hotmail  account of his that he knows is linked to a g-mail account of his <>   and the google groups manager on the google mail system has automatically input <> even though we typed in <>.

So that is the problem, we’ve notified our suppliers and they are in talked with google, but nothing is likely to happen and it is out of our hands. In addition Google constantly improves its products and their changes will alter the way things work and interrelate with the rest of the internet.

There are a few things you might do, which would help.

If you can access the old g-mail account and delete it or remove the link.

If you can’t recall the password to get in, then ask it to send a password/email to the linked email. This should gain you access and allow you to delete or use the google account instead.

We are very sorry about this difficulty, but there is nothing we can do to change the way google works.

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