Sport Premium

PE in St Edmund Campion is an area of strength and a subject that we strongly promote.  It has been well documented that children who take part in regular PE perform better in all other areas of their academic learning.

All children take part in 2 hours of PE lessons each week with the focus being on Games, Gym and Dance with the addition of swimming in the summer term. In Dance the focus is on the children developing the skills needed to be able to create and combine a series of movements that when performed together create a dance sequence. Children in Years 4-6 take part in an annual musical and dance performance at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts. Children in Year 3 take part in the annual Schools Partnership Dance festival.

The focus in our Gym lessons is more about the children developing their agility, balance and co -ordination skills using a variety of equipment, music and floor work.

Games is an area where the children can focus on their agility and inter personal skills all of which are an important part of team games.

Each unit works on developing their own personal bests so that they are only competing with themselves to help build resilience and determination.  In KS1 there is also an afternoon PE break where children are allowed time to develop basic skills of catching, throwing, skipping, climbing, hopping using a variety of equipment. We are also lucky to have an all-weather running track where the children are able to go out and run the “Daily Mile” at some point during the school day.

Having a heated outdoor swimming pool on site means that all children from Reception up to Year 6 get the chance to swim and improve their skills during the summer term.

There are a number of inter school competitions and tournaments which the school takes part in on a regular basis and always does well in, eg Tag Rugby, Hi 5 Netball, Kwik Cricket, Badminton, Football, Tennis, and Hockey culminating last year in receiving a place to go and compete in the Berkshire School Games in Tennis, orienteering and netball.  We were county champions in netball and orienteering in 2018.

We often come first in local tournaments in a variety of sports and go on to represent our Borough in the Berkshire County Finals held at Bradfield College or Bisham Sports Centre.

Extra Curriculum Activities
Before and after school, there are also a number of clubs which cater for all the age ranges of children within the school. Some of the clubs include:

  • Running Y3-6
  • Tag Rugby Y1-6
  • Football Y3/4/5/6
  • Hi 5 Netball Y3/4/5/6
  • Badminton R –Y6
  • Hockey KS2
  • Cricket Y1-6
  • Rounders Y3-6
  • Tennis all ages
  • Cheerleading Y2-Y6
  • Rowing Y6
  • Street Dance Age 7+ in the mornings and 5+ after school.

Most of these clubs are free and run by school staff and are very well attended.  Our children love sport.

We currently hold Gold Mark award for Sport. This is an annual award that is given to schools that show they are committed to sport and healthy lifestyles.

Here at St. Edmund Campion we also have Sport Ambassadors who are chosen from Year 5 and Year 6 to lead fun games during lunchtimes to encourage all children to take part in some form of daily exercise.

Future Funding
We have just been allocated £19,620 for 2018-19. This funding is allocated to the following:

  • New staff training on REAL PE and REAL gym (all current staff are trained)
  • Purchase of new equipment including 4 sets of netball posts for the infants and juniors, 24 hockey sticks, rugby balls, footballs, football posts, swimming floats, netball skorts, hockey helmets, skipping ropes and stop watches.

The following School Games competitions have been entered for and supply staff have been brought in to release teachers for: Football Y3/4 & 5/6, & Y5/6, Tennis, Hockey, Gymnastics Y1/2, Y3/4 and Y5/6, Benchball Y3/4 &Y5/6, Kwik Cricket, Orienteering, High 5 Netball Y3/4 & Y5/6 Cross Country, Indoor Athletics Y5/6, Quadkids Athletics Y1/2, Y3/4 & Y5/6 & Year 3 Dance Festival.

Transport and supply staff costs have been budgeted to take children to the County Finals.

We also pay for staff to take part in a shallow water rescue course.

We have also paid £3128.50 for the Service Level Agreement with Ascot and Maidenhead School Sports Partnership.

St Edmund Campion Primary School Sport Premium 2018-2019 (So far)

Income: £19,620




Equipment purchased inc. tennis equipment, tag rugby equipment, rainbow wands and Forest School Equipment. £774.15 We have continued to invest in the schools equipment to make sure we are delivering high quality PE with high quality equipment.
PE equipment and pool service and repair £1,506.00 All equipment that is used by the children in their PE lessons such as the large Gym apparatus and benches are checked every year to make sure they are safe for purpose. Any problems are repaired or replaced where needed. The Pool is also checked regularly and any repairs needed are undertaken quickly to make sure that it is safe for the children at all times to use.
Real PE whole school inset day £1,595.00 Refreshing the staff with a whole inset has helped refresh all staff in the delivery of Real PE.
Real GYM inset for whole staff. £995.00 Refreshing all staff in the delivery skills based Gymnastics will help keep the standard of gymnastics throughout the whole school.
Ascot & Maidenhead Sports Partnership 18-19 £3,128.50 Being part of the partnership has increased the number of competitions and festivals available and therefore increased the number of children participating in these events.
Staff cover whilst attending courses and competitions £600.00 Being able to cover the cost of supply cover has meant that teachers and staff are more able to take teams to the various competitions and festivals on offer. Keeping up to date with CPD has meant that teachers are able to build on their confidence in all areas of PE.
CPD Shallow Pools Training £250.00 


 All teachers have to have up to date shallow pool training to be able to teach swimming in our school pool. This qualification lasts 2 years.This proved a valuable chance for the PE co-ordinator to network idea share making sure that we are still delivering high quality inclusive PE and activities for all children within school.
Transport to competitions £285.00 Most competitions and festivals are off site and need transport to get the teams there. The sports premium has meant that this is no longer a stumbling block for teachers and families. More children have taken the opportunities to take part in the competitions on offer.
Swimming Lessons at Lunchtime for non-swimmers £200.00 This was a lunchtime club targeting the children who were still struggling with swimming through school. It had a positive effect on the children attending both in their ability and their confidence and is something we are going to run again this year.
Pastoral manager and ELSA support £4,000.00 Having onsite pastoral care and ELSA support has meant that children with any issues can be identified earlier and supported from an early age.

Impact Report

In summary, we take sport very seriously. Not because we are obsessed about winning, but we believe that everyone one at our school should benefit from sport. We teach children to lose and win with grace. We want everyone at our school to engage in sport, enjoy it and carry this on for life.

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