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Wednesday 6th September 2017

Dear Parents and Children,

Welcome to all our new families.  We also welcome Mrs Ashwell to Year 5 and Miss Thomson to Y4.

We are delighted that Mrs Camp-Overy, who currently teaches in Y2, has taken over the role of deputy head.

Award Assembly
Most Fridays we have an assembly to present awards.  Children may bring in awards they receive outside of school eg sports’medals or certificates.  These are presented to the children in front of their peers; we like to hear about the activities the children are doing well in. Other awards are Walk to School in which the class with the highest amount of children walking, scooting or park and striding (parking some way from school and walking eg Boyn Hill Cricket Ground car park) receives an award. An important part of the assembly is the star award in which two children a week from each class receive a small certificate, sit on stage and be told by their class teacher why they have done well.

Words of the Week
Each week the children from Y2-6 are given a word of the week in order to increase their vocabulary. It would be wonderful if you could support this by using the word at home.  Children need to be exposed to a wide and varied vocabulary.

Year 2:skyward; Year 3:landscape; Year 4:skeletal;  Year 5:tantalise;  Year 6:recoil.

Talk Homework
Parents often ask how they can be more involved in their children’s progress and Talk Homework is one way that would help, especially as the themes are chosen to support current learning.  This is not meant to be an onerous task but something that can be enjoyed around the dinner table.  Research has proved that parent engagement is key to a child’s success and talk homework is recommended as a method of supporting this. This will commence next week.

Meet the Teacher Dates
The following dates have been arranged for the start of term to enable you to meet your child’s new teacher and find out information about the year and the expectations required of you and your child. All meetings begin at 3.30 and will last about 30 minutes.

Reception-Wednesday 6th September

Y5-Thursday 7th September

Y6-Friday 8th September and will include the Wales trip meeting.

Y1-Monday 11th September

Y2-Wednesday 13th September

Y3-Thursday 14th September

Y4-Friday 15th September

PTA Meeting-Tuesday 12th September, 8.00pm

All welcome.  We value your input.

Save the Date-Race Night, Friday 29th September

The Race Night will be taking place on Friday 29th September. Early bird tickets are £12 per head and this includes a fish & chip supper (or alternative). The night will raise vital funds for the school. You can pop an envelope into the school office with …your name, money and email address on or alternatively email to transfer the money as we are coming up to the holidays.
It’s a really fun evening. Horses races are run on the big screen and you will get a chance to bet on each race (£1 per bet). You can also buy a horse or jockey (£5) and you will get a chance to win half of the pot made from that race. Why not get a table together? If you’re new to the school come along and we’ll make sure you are looked after!
We will also be doing a raffle, so if you can donate any prizes they would be gratefully accepted.

Reading Award
Children who read seven days a week to an adult, who then signs the homework diary or reading record as proof,  are eligible for a draw to win a book.

Lost Property
Please, please label your child’s clothing. If the article of clothing is labelled we make every effort to get it back to your child.  Unlabelled garments are put in the wooden box under the shelter in the infant playground.  Please ask if you are not sure where it is.

Turning Circle
We run a turning circle so that you can drop your child off or pick up at the top of the driveway without having to park. Mr Tracy, our site manager will meet your car.
Morning turning circle starts at 8.30am.  Please note there are no staff present in the playgrounds first thing in the morning.
After school turning circle will commence from 3.45, when the cars parked on Altwood Rd have left.  Those pupils who use the turning circle will meet in the junior playground and play until 3.45, under supervision.  From here they will be taken to the top of the drive.  Any parent or carer arriving before this time will be asked by Mr Tracy to drive out and return at the proper time. Please do not park on the zizag lines or across driveways whilst waiting to turn in.

Right turn rule: If the right turn into the school drive is clear and there are few cars waiting in the drive then please go ahead and turn right.  However, if the drive is full of cars and you would cause an obstruction to traffic coming along Altwood Rd by waiting for clearance, please drive on.  What I do on these occasions is turn into Lees Gardens or Silvertrees Drive and turn around.  If this instruction is not clear please ask Mr Tracy or me for clarification.  I hope this is helpful.

Jewellery, Hair and Nails
Children should not be wearing jewellery to school-this includes medals and crosses.  If earrings are worn, these should be simple studs which your child will need to be able to take out by themselves for PE.  If they are unable to do so, then please put some micropore tape in their PE bag, but let the teacher know it is there. Long hair should be tied back and no child should have their hair coloured. Hair should be in a simple style, eg no Mohicans or tram lines please. Hair adornments should be simple and preferably in school colours.  Nail varnish should not be worn.

End of Day
Please note that the school is not responsible for children playing on the equipment in the Infant playground at the end of the day.

Please do not bring your dog into the school car park or playground. I have taken this decision in the past because we have suffered several dog fights and are mindful of the children’s safety.

Site Security
Please do not come in through the side doors at any time during the day, even at the beginning or end of the day.  You must come in through the front doors to let us know you are in the building. Not all the staff know who you are and may challenge you if you are seen in the corridors; they have a responsibility to do so to keep the children safe.

If your child needs to take medication it should to be brought to the school office, where you will need to fill in a permission form.  Please do not give it to your child to hand in.

School Shop
We run a school shop at break times where we sell items of stationery at cost price.

Holidays in Term Time
There is a clear link between attendance rates and high achievement.  Therefore, the school actively discourages holidays during term time, even it is added on to an existing school holiday.  Your child has 13 weeks holiday a year so there is no reason why additional time needs to be taken.  Requests for holidays will not be authorised, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

It is important for your child to attend school. If your child has a minor ailment eg sore throat, cough, or cold we would be happy for you to send in Calpol or similar for us to administer at lunch time

Please make sure you ring the office in the morning if your child will be absent for the day, otherwise it will go down as an unauthorised absence.  A child having too many unauthorised absences will be investigated by the Education Welfare Dept as it is seen as truanting.

This newsletter comes out weekly and I hope you will find it informative and helpful.  Please do ask if anything is unclear.

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