Newsletter 25

Wednesday 28th March 2018

Dear Parents and Children,
Award Assembly
The stars for last week were: Raya Zaghloul, Xavier Barua-Wilding, Evan Lewis, Yousha Puri, Bernardo Cruz Domain, Sophia Kinder, Levi Cobra Bruni, Charlie Corrigan, Alicia Delacour, Marcel Arora, Pippa Bailey, Tali Evans, Murphy Camp-Overy, Maks Wolski, Matilda Price, Adam Billson, Orlaith O’Hanlon, Cameron Mullin-Brown, William Stokoe, Carissa Tuscano, Lyba Nazir, Eugenia Sanchez-Giron, Matthew Evans and Jake Foster.
Good Manners Award: Zach Evans and Joshua Santacaterina.
Eco Award: Mr Woods’, Miss Thomson and Mr McKell’s classes.
Book Prize: Hannah Billson.
Team Point Winners:  St Mark’s gained the most house points this half term and therefore can wear their own clothes next Thursday 29th March.
Words of the Week
Year 2: scented; Year 3: burden; Year 4: eloquent; Year 5: revenge; Year 6: ultimate.
Talk Homework
Which animals hatch from eggs?
Can you name where your food has come from? Has it come from a plant or an animal?
What do you know about Earth Hour?
Do you need to be good at drawing to be great artist?
How would you change the world if you could?
Following on from your Kidzania trip which profession would you like to go in to when you are older and why?
Do ‘silly’ mistakes matter? If so, how can you reduce them?
Holy Week Liturgy
Although there is a note in the parish bulletin to say that we are having a Liturgy in the church on Thursday, this is not for parents to attend.  On this occasion we would like all children to be present and therefore will need all the seats in the church.  An exception to this is that the parents of children who are presenting may attend.
Easter Egg Hunt-Thursday 29th March, 2.30-4.30
The Easter Trail starts at 2.30, maps can be purchased in the playground on Tuesday & Wednesday and on the day (£2.50 per child). The children will follow two sets of clues (junior and infant) set up across the school field and once completed they can collect their chocolate prize from the studio.
At the same time in the studio and the assembly hall there will be lots of stalls – craft, biscuit decorating, sweet & cake stall, ‘Guess the Name of the Bunny’, Hook a Duck’ and much more! (Each stall ranging from 10p – £1)
At 3.30, on the stage, we will have our bonnet competition open to all years – 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes for infants & juniors so get making!
Finally at 4pm we will have our raffle – hampers, Easter eggs and more to be won!
We hope you can make this event – we are on our way to purchasing more touch screens for years 3, 2, 1 and Reception, so your support is much appreciated!
No Bags in School on Thursday
PE bags will go home on Wednesday.  Please do not let your child bring their bag in to school on Thursday so that they do not have to carry them around the Easter Egg Hunt in the afternoon.  Packed lunch boxes/bags are of course allowed.
Loose Change Day
On Loose Change day we made £741.  Thank you for your generosity.
Year 3/4 Berkshire Games Mixed Football
A fine performance was shown by our mixed Year 3/4 football team who were representing Ascot and Maidenhead last week.  15 other teams took part at the recent Berkshire Games representing other parts of the county.
The team managed to win 4 of their 6 matches; they played and finished in a very creditable 4th position overall.
Well done to the 3 girls and 7 boys who took part.
A big thank you must go to all the parents who helped with transport and stayed and supported the team throughout the morning.
End of Term Football Matches
Four friendly football matches will be taking place on Thursday 29th March, the afternoon of the Easter Egg hunt.
2-30 / 2-50 pm   Reception / Year 1 and 2.
2-55 / 3-20 pm   Year 3/4.
3-25 / 3-50 pm   Year 3/4/5/6 girls.
3-55 / 4-20 pm   Year 5/6 Boys
Boots and shin pads must be worn. All girls and boys are welcome. Just turn up.
Badminton, Cricket and Football After School Club Dates.
The three after school badminton clubs will finish for the season at Easter.
Week commencing 23rd April will be the start of the three after school cricket clubs.
Monday       23rd April  Year 3/4        3-30/4.30pm.
Wednesday  25th April  Year 5/6        3-30/4.30pm.
Thursday     26th  April  Year 1/2        3.30/4.00pm.
Please contact Mr. King as soon as possible if interested in joining.  Please await selection slip before turning up as places are limited.  All girls/boys/beginners welcome.
Girls, the year 3/4 and year 5/6 clubs do need you, as two of the forthcoming tournaments are for girls or mixed.
Friday after school football club will recommence on 27th April 3-30 / 4-15pm.
Easter Holiday Dates
We break up at 2.15 on Thursday 29th March.
Turning Circle will be at 2.30.
Pupils return: Tuesday 17th April.
Please do ask if anything in the newsletter is unclear.

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