Newsletter 17

Wednesday 24th January 2017

Dear Parents and Children,
Gospel Target
This target is taken from the first chapter of Mark when Jesus called Andrew, Peter, James and John to follow him and be fishers of men.  How can we be followers of Jesus?
Words of the Week
Year 2: inefficient; Year 3: tangle; Year 4: speciality; Year 5: unidentified; Year 6:ambience.
Talk Homework
Look at your kitchen utensils, what material are they made of? Why?
Talk about the materials you can see in your house e.g plastic, wood, metal.
What is your favourite invention? Why?
What myths do you know that come from the British Isles?
Which sports will be represented at the Winter Olympics 2018 in South Korea?
How have Olympic sports changed since Ancient Greece and why?
Charles Darwin was afraid to present his findings on evolution because they went against public opinion. What can we learn from his dilemma?
Mrs Van Schie’s class assembly Thursday 25th January, 9.10.
Mrs Van Schie’s parents are welcome to attend; this will be held in the school hall and will last about 20 minutes.
Y6 Wales Residential Trip Meeting Fri 26th January, 3.30
This meeting is for current Y5 pupils and parents whose children will be going to Wales in September.  Children who usually attend the football club do not need to come to the Wales meeting, but their parents must attend.
NSPCC Numbers Day-Friday 2nd February
In order to raise money for this worthwhile charity we are holding an own clothes day and will be doing lots of  fun maths. A donation of £1 per family is requested but is not compulsory.  It would be great if your child’s clothing could be on a maths theme ie stripes, spots etc.
PTA meeting-Tues 6th February at 8.00pm
All welcome-the meeting will be held in the staffroom. It would be great to see you there.  Attendance does not commit you to running an activity; it would just be great to have your support.
Class Assemblies
Thurs 8th February-9.10 Miss Opalko’s class assembly.
Fri 9th February-9.10 Mr Mc’Kell’s class assembly.
Class parents welcome.
Disco-Friday 9th February
5.15-6.30 Infant/nursery disco. 6.45-8.30 Junior disco.
Nursery parents will need to accompany their child. Reception, Y1 and Y2 children should be unaccompanied. We are however looking for 10 parents to help at each disco; please contact the PTA through their facebook page or approach the chair Kellie Phelan. The cost is £3.50 which includes refreshments.
Entrance and exit for nursery and infant children will be through the front door. Entrance for juniors will be round the back of the school, through the studio door, but they will leave through the front.  We do not allow children to have phones or glow sticks at the disco.
Diary Date
On the 1st March we will be celebrating World Book Day and children may dress up as a book character.  If you are stuck for a costume your child can always wear own clothes and be a reader!
Year 6 Choir/Poetry
On Friday 19th January, children from year 6 attended a special memorial celebration at The War Graves Commission to commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War. Children recited poems that they had created in school and at home, reflecting the impact of the War. The children also sang ‘We Were Soldiers’ pitch perfectly to an audience including Teresa May. Well done for representing the school in such a moving manner: Nina Gibson, Vanessa Prokes, Alice Duncan, Elissa Middle, Charlotte Yorke, Millie Burns, Niamh Walsh, Kian Bowden, Alannah Ryder, Katharyn McAnulty and Hannah Steele.
Ten boys joined seven other schools and took part in a Year 2 Cricket Skills Festival at Desborough College recently. The skills included bowling, throwing, catching and batting. Fun events introduced to promote cricket throughout primary schools. All the boys agreed that they had enjoyed a well organised event. Well done to all those representing the school. Also, a big thankyou to all the parents who helped with the transport.
PTA Quiz
The PTA quiz is taking place on Saturday 24th February at 7.30pm.  If you would like to book, please either drop your money into the school office in an envelope detailing your name, email address and team name or email with your table details.  The cost is £5 per person.
Teams can be made up from between 6 and 8 people. We can help organise a table for you – just let us know your details.
A bar will be available on the night, open from 7.15.  We really appreciate you buying alcohol from the bar; please do not bring your own, as it helps us to raise more money for our children.  Please bring along your own snacks and nibbles.
Nursery Admissions 2018-19
Children born between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2016 will be allocated in the academic year 2018-19.
The deadline to hand the Supplementary Information Form (SIF) to the nursery is 28th February 2018. If you require Fr Liam to sign your SIF as per our Admission Policy, he has asked us to let you know that he will be available after Mass during January and February. For any queries or to arrange a visit please contact Mrs Powell on 01628 639891 or email her on
Netball Camp
This half term Eagles will be running a netball training camp for children in years 3-7 and for all abilities.  Training will be provided by their highly qualified and experienced coaching staff, ably assisted by so me Eagles/England Pathway netball players.
Location: The Marist Schools, Kings Rd, Sunninghill, Ascot, SL5 7PS
Date: Monday 12th February & Tuesday 13th February
Time: 10am – 3pm to book online
Please do ask if anything in the newsletter is unclear.

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