Newsletter 16

Wednesday 17th January 2017

Dear Parents and Children,
Gospel Target
Based on the Old Testament reading on Samuel and Eli, do we always respond to God by saying Here I am Lord?
Star of the Week
Stars last week were: Findley Jones, Luca King, Adam Ververka, Eva Dias, Ruby Cairncross, Orlagh McColgan, Lily Barbe De Silva, Keira Merkel, Daniel Perini, Paloma Brookes, Luca Branchese, Gianluca Carlo, Iara O’Kelly, Zach Evans, Alexander Williams, Sofia Rossi, Amy Steel, Tom Carberry, Carla Coles-Gomez, Inigo Demby-Wheeler, MacDara Parris, Joshua Borg Potter, Sebi Lievano, Vincent Delacour, Millie George, Nick Issi, James Boland and Isabella Rees.
Good Manners Awards went to Rohan Nangpal and Jake Foster.
The Reading Prizes went to Della McWalter and Adam Kurpiel who went into the draw for reading 7 days a week.
Walk to School was won by Mrs Campbell’s and Miss Lazenby’s classes. Remember even if you live far away from school you can still Park and Stride so that your child can gain a point for their class.
The team point winners last week were St Luke’s.
Words of the Week
Year 2: scatter; Year 3: drench; Year 4: repellent; Year 5: tender; Year 6: torrential.
Talk Homework
Have you been to a party recently?  What did you enjoy most?
What do you know about Scotland?
Which material is the most useful? Why?
Retell the story of Pandora’s Box.  What are your thoughts about the story?
What is an appropriate amount of time for a young person/ child to spend using a computer or games console?
In what ways can we prove that the Earth is spherical?
Work hard. Be Kind. Be thankful. If you had to create 3 similar statements what would they be?
Does your child watch BBC’s Newsround?  It is a great way for your child to learn about the world in a child-friendly way.
Start of Term Mass-Wednesday 17th January, 9.30
Parents welcome.  Y3 are presenting the Mass.
Equipment for Class
Can you please check your child’s pencil case to check they have the right equipment.  It should contain a couple of pens and pencils and a whiteboard pen and that is all.  Rubbers, rulers, glue sticks and sharpeners are provided in class.  Too many children have a bulging case with items that are unnecessary.
Mrs Van Schie’s class assembly Thursday 25th January, 9.10.
Mrs Van Schie’s parents are welcome to attend; this will be held in the school hall and will last about 20 minutes.
Y6 Wales Residential Trip Meeting Fri 26th January, 3.30
This meeting is for current Y5 pupils and parents whose children will be going to Wales in September.  Children who usually attend the football club do not need to come to the Wales meeting, but their parents must attend.
Diary Date
Mrs Coombs’ class assembly will be on Thursday 22nd February at 9.10.
Living With Less Plastic
Please take a look at this website: in order to reduce plastic waste in packed lunch boxes.
PTA Quiz
The PTA quiz is taking place on Saturday 24th February at 7.30pm.  If you would like to book, please either drop your money into the school office in an envelope detailing your name, email address and team name or email with your table details.  The cost is £5 per person.
Teams can be made up from between 6 and 8 people. We can help organise a table for you – just let us know your details.
A bar will be available on the night, open from 7.15.  We really appreciate you buying alcohol from the bar; please do not bring your own, as it helps us to raise more money for our children.  Please bring along your own snacks and nibbles.
Nursery Admissions 2018-19
Children born between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2016 will be allocated in the academic year 2018-19.
The deadline to hand the Supplementary Information Form (SIF) to the nursery is 28th February 2018. If you require Fr Liam to sign your SIF as per our Admission Policy, he has asked us to let you know that he will be available after Mass during January and February. For any queries or to arrange a visit please contact Mrs Powell on 01628 639891 or email her on
Please do ask if anything in the newsletter is unclear.

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