Jan 2018

Those Present for pupil chat: Tricia Opalko, Fr Liam, Ed Robinson, Niamh Minihane, Anna Walsh, Julia Evans, Sarah Armstrong.

 Discussion Topic: Year 6. To look and their work and discuss their experiences at school and in year 6 so far.
The year 6 children had been told of our meeting and what we would be talking to them about.
The children arrived with a selection of their books. Children were randomly chosen, 7 at a time. Each child sat next to a governor and showed them their books (English, Geography/History, Art and RE) and had an informal discussion. 4 groups of children came along so the governors saw 28 children in total. This was a fantastic opportunity to speak to a large number of children and get their thoughts on their experience at our school.
After each group came to see us, the governors had a brief chat and shared comments from the children anonymously.

The following are some of the comments recorded from the children.
1. In relation to questions about best experiences/positives so far at St Edmund Campion:
“I have really enjoyed my time at St Edmund Campion, and year 6 is my favourite year so far”
“I love year 6 because we are at the top of the school”
“The favourite thing about my time at school as been my friends”
“English lessons are really fun”
“All teachers are really kind”
“The teachers are really nice”
“Whenever we learn something new they (teachers) are good at explaining it”
“I enjoy PE”
“I look forward to swimming in the summer”
Another child commented on enjoying working in pairs during lesson learning.
Other aspects noted were: the St Edmund Campion feast day pantomimes, Year 6 Wales trip (mentioned by a number of the children) and school trips in general, computing lessons, Reading challenge and playing “Man-hunt” in the playground.

2.  In relation to questions about things they haven’t enjoyed/less positive experiences so far at St Edmund Campion:
A number of children struggled to think of anything so they were reassured that they didn’t necessarily have to say anything if they couldn’t think of anything
“I would like the gym equipment to be used more in PE lessons”
One child commented that some children play rough but it is sorted out.

3.  In relation to questions about homework experiences so far at St Edmund Campion:
“The homework has been OK”
“Homework is fair”
“I know we are going to get more homework as we get closer to SATs but at the moment it is OK”

4.  In relation to questions about transitioning to secondary school later in the year some responses were:
“I am looking forward to secondary school”
“I want to go to X secondary school because my friends are going there”
“I am really looking forward to starting secondary school”
When appropriate a question was asked about safety in school and the response was: “I feel completely safe at this school”
A lovely quote from one of the children to finish on: “If I still live in Maidenhead, I’d choose this school for my children.”
The governors commented that the children were very articulate, confident and happy to talk openly and honestly.

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