Newsletter 15

Wednesday 10th January 2017

Dear Parents and Children,
Gospel Target
Based on the Epiphany Gospel: Now Christmas is over the real work of Christmas begins: some suggestions are to feed the hungry and heal the broken.
Star of the Term Award Assembly
Winners were: Tom Berry, Charlotte Yorke, Kayla Hamdache, Dylan Folen-Murtagh, Monty Harte, Niamh Maher, Lucy Savin, Luca Calabrese, Kaleb Matias, Adam Kurpiel, Olivia Szymanska, Ciara Bell, Adam Greenwood, Rafael Dukes-Pinto, Ruby Sibley, Dexter Manley, Lia Calabrese, Eddie Rostkowski, Rosie Rees, Sophia Kinder, Henry Cooper, Finley McLaughlin, Theo Faruki, Astrid Prescott, Isobel Jackson Poza, Elissa Middle, Sean Turley and Pearse Welsh.
Words of the Week
Year 2: bland; Year 3: stumble; Year 4: vulnerable; Year 5: dispel; Year 6: instinctive.
Talk Homework
Father Liam is our parish priest and will be visiting the Reception classes. Discuss possible questions to ask Father Liam to find out what he does in his day to day life.
Can you name different materials around your house.
What is the greatest gift you could offer the new born king?
What do you know about forces?
Can natural disasters ever be a good thing?
If you could be any Greek God/Goddess who would you be and why?
Do you prefer to read a book first and then watch the film, or the other way round? Why?
End of School Time Change
The Infant day will finish at 3.15 in line with the juniors from now on.
Badminton and Football Club Dates
All three clubs will recommence week beginning 15th January.
The Friday after school football club will recommence on Friday 19th January.
Running Club
The club will not run in the Spring Term until the field dries out as our runners are ending up with very muddy trainers and wet socks! We will notify parents when the club starts up again.
Diary Date-Wear it Wild Day, Tuesday 20th March
A Wear it Wild event is a dress-up day with a difference; children can wear animal themed clothes or stripes and spots.   A donation of £1 from every family in the school is requested for the World Wildlife Fund.
PTA Quiz
The PTA quiz is taking place on Saturday 24th February at 7.30pm.  If you would like to book, please either drop your money into the school office in an envelope detailing your name, email address and team name or email with your table details.  The cost is £5 per person.
Teams can be made up from between 6 and 8 people. We can help organise a table for you – just let us know your details.
A bar will be available on the night, open from 7.15.  We really appreciate you buying alcohol from the bar; please do not bring your own, as it helps us to raise more money for our children.  Please bring along your own snacks and nibbles.
Please do ask if anything in the newsletter is unclear.

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