Newsletter 13

Wednesday 6th December 2017

Dear Parents and Children,
Words of the Week
Year 2: obvious; Year 3: distasteful; Year 4: liquefy; Year 5: inconspicuous; Year 6: arduous.
Talk Homework
We have been practicing our nativity show. Have you got a favourite song? What is it about?
Summarise what happened in the Miki show?
What promise have you made for Advent?
How are shadows made?
What do the candles of Advent symbolise?
In what ways can we spiritually prepare ourselves for Advent?
Do you learn more about yourself when you lose or win?
Lantern Parade-Saturday 9th December
For those of you who wish to take part in the Lantern Parade we are meeting outside the Town Hall, Maidenhead, at 4.30 for a 5.00 start.  The Y4s have made our school lanterns and many of them will be taking part.  Every year there has been spare lanterns for other year groups who want to attend so please come along if you want to join in the fun.
Netball Tournaments
On the morning of Wednesday 29th November fourteen Y4’s visited Furze Platt Senior School for a High 5 competition. High 5 is challenging version of Netball which includes rotating around all positions every six minutes. Despite the cold conditions, the children battled through 12 games. Both teams showed exceptional sportsmanship skills and scored over 50 goals throughout the competition. To finish off a fantastic morning our A team was awarded first place and congratulated for winning every match they played! Well done to our talented netball team!
Then in the afternoon four Y5/6 teams played.  We were again delighted when our A team won the tournament and are now through to the Berkshire School Games finals in March. Well done to all 35 children who took part.
Gifts for the Elderly
One of our end of term Christmas activities is visiting the elderly at a number of residential homes.  We like to take gifts with us and if you are happy to donate, we will collect these from the week beginning 4th December.  Items such as socks, pop socks, jewellery, biscuits etc would be ideal. Please wrap them in Christmas gift paper and mark M for male, F for female or E for either.
Visiting the Elderly
Mrs Ashwell’s class will walk to Boyn Grove Day Care Centre on Monday 11th December at 10.15.
Miss Opalko’s class will walk to Clara Court on Tuesday 12th December, leaving school at 10.50.
Mr McKell’s class will be going to Harwood House, Cookham Dean on Friday 15th December. We need parents to drive there.  Volunteer drivers must be DBS checked and have fully comprehensive, business insurance on their car.  If you haven’t got this cover you can drive and take your own child.  Please let Mr McKell know if you are able to help with driving.
Mrs Wells’ and Mrs Burrows’ class will walk to St Mark’s Hospital to visit Henry Tudor ward on the 18th December, leaving school at 1.20.
If any parent would like to come and join in the fun please let me know or just turn up at the right time.
Badminton and Football Club Dates
The three after school badminton clubs will finish for the year on the following dates:
Year 1/2 Thursday 14th December
Year 3/4 Monday 11th December.
Year 5/6 Wednesday 13th December.
All three clubs will recommence week beginning 8th January.
The Friday after school football club will finish for the year on the 8th December and recommence on Friday 19th January.
Calling all Boy Dancers
There is a wonderful opportunity for year 4, 5 or 6 boys to try the Boyz Dance 2 SSP Junior Dance Company (boys only).
It is on Monday from 5.05 – 5.55 at Furze Platt Senior School dance studio. There are currently 8 boys in it. They will perform at the Primary Dance Festival in February which a fabulous showcase. If  children are interested then they can try it out for a few weeks before committing. Please make contact with Becky for further details
Netball Holiday Camp
This camp is running on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd December held at The Marist School in Sunninghill, SL5 7PS . Suitable for children in years 3-7 and of all abilities.
Cost of £30 per day or £50 for both days. Contact
Dangerous Corner
I understand that people are chatting on the corner of the drive after dropping their child in the morning and causing an obstruction.  Much as we love you to chat with your friends please could you do so in the carpark or slightly round the corner so that you are not in the way.
Christmas Production Dates
7th December, 2.00: Reception Christmas performance for parents. Parking will need to be on Altwood Rd.
8th December, 2.00: Yr 1 Christmas performance for parents.  Parking will need to be on Altwood Rd.
18th December, 7.00: Yr 2 Christmas performance for parents. Children to be dropped off at 6.30.
Please note there will be a collection for our local homeless shelter after each performance if you wish to donate.
Christmas Dinner-Thursday 14th December
A date for your diary.
End of Term Carol Concert-19th December
To enable the whole school and parents to attend our carol service, prepared for us by the Y5s, we are holding it twice, once at 9.30 and again at 1.30.
9.30 Mr Woods, Mrs McQuillan’s,Mrs Brookman’s, Miss Dobson’s and Mrs Coombs’ classes and all Y5 and 6 children to go.
1.30 Mrs Van Schie, Miss Lazenby’s, Mrs Camp-Overy’s, Mrs Campbell’s, Miss Thomson’s and all Y5 and 6 pupils.
Please do ask if anything in the newsletter is unclear.

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