Tag Rugby Competition – Years 3/4

image2 (2)Congratulations to our squad of players made up from: Niamh Maher, Amelia Richards, Amelia Smyth, Matilda Gilfeather Carr, Charlie McMahon, Murphy Camp-Overy, Jack Ruddick, Tao Liverpool, Cameron Mullen-Brown and Max Wolski.

Maidenhead Rugby FC hosted a splendid inter schools conpetition on Tuesday 18th October and many of our children were given their first ever chance to try out tag rugby. There was some really committed defence from our team to keep the scores down and then some amazing break away tries resulting in our team losing just one game, winning six and drawing their final game! Almost unbeaten and already looking forward to bettering their experience next year in the Y5/6 competition!image3

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