Newsletter 27

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Dear Parents and Children,
Pupil Prayer
Dear God, Please help the homeless and poor. Amen.  Two Y2 pupils.
Words of the Week
Year 2: perhaps; Year 3: gist; Year 4:adequate;  Year 5:identify;  Year 6: reassess.
Star of the Term Assembly
The following children were stars last week: Freya Cleeton, Thomas Muncie, Daniel del Campo, Max Murray, Santosh Solomon, Tatiana Bertholdi, Eve McTaggart, Vincent Marshall Riche, Rebecca Flavelle, Amelia Hill, Alex Brennan, Imogen palmer, Amy Steel, Adam Peacock, Elise Cunningham, Kuba Muszynski, Franciszek Abramowicz, Florence Stroud, Olivia Scymnaska, Luke Hallam, Luana Meringo, Keira Merkel, Albie Feely, Emilia Jackson-Poza, Ian Balfe, Carissa Tuscano, Florence Sutton and Edward Morris.
The Good Manners Awards were presented to Lily Rowles and Luke Bateman.
Gabriella Mijud and Eva Berraondo won a Book Prize each.
Walk to School Awards went to Miss Opalko’s and Miss Lazenby’s classes.
Well done to our most active Sumdog students last week who were: Joshua Corrigan, Dylan McCartney, Marcel Arora, Neve Emmitt and Sarah Fernando.
Talk Homework
This week we be working on sharing (division). When do you share things at home? Is it always fair?
Year 1
What is your favourite weather?  Why?
Year 2
What do you know about the Paschal Candle.
Year 3
Can you see any 3D shapes in your home?
Year 4
How did the suffrage movement change life for women in the United Kingdom?
Year 5
So far this year, what have you enjoyed learning about the most – why?
Year 6
If you could plan the most relaxing week end possible what would it include? (You’ve worked hard all year – put the books down, get to bed early and look forward to ‘show time’ next week!)
Yanomamo Costumes for Years 4-6 Production in July
Your child will need a plain teeshirt (not a strappy vest), any colour, but with no logos or sparkle on. In addition they will need dark trousers, leggings or shorts.
Start of Term Mass-Tuesday 9th May, 9.30
Parents welcome. Y6 will not be attending due to SATs.
Walk to School Week-Week beg 15th May
Please consider walking to school this week, or at least park and striding. As usual the pupils get a point for every time they walk to school.  In Walk to School Week the winning class will get donuts or ice lollies.  In addition we will be providing a bike-it breakfast for all those who cycle to school on Wednesday 17th May.
Biathlon Training
Could all girls taking part in the upcoming Biathlon please attend running club on Friday morning at 8am. The girls will be given the opportunity to practice the transition of putting on their trainers / running vests independently and quickly, as this can become an important part of the race.
Running Club
Children in years 3-6 are welcome to join for an early morning run every Friday at 8am - meet at the gazebo.
PTA Meeting This Evening-2nd May
All welcome.  The meeting will be in the staffroom.
Au Pair Looking for Work
A Spanish student is looking for a family to be an au-pair for the next school year during her gap year before University. She is closely related to one of our school families and is the second of a family of 5 children, so knows her way well with children;  she is finishing her last year in school at the moment. If you are interested or someone you know could be interested, could you please contact

If there is anything in this newsletter that is not clear please do ask.

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