Newsletter 26

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Dear Parents and Children,
Pupil Prayer
Dear God, Please let us all recognise Jesus in everyone and let us love one another. Amen.  A Y4 pupil.
Words of the Week
Year 2: launch; Year 3: forbidden;  Year 4: influence;  Year 5: nurture;  Year 6 evolved.
Star of the Term Assembly
The following children were stars of the term before Easter: Matilda Gilfeather-Carr, Aiden Bell, Zach Adnani, Amber Manley, Caitlin Bickford, Tanisha Cunningham, Elena Del Campo, Adam Kurpiel, Phoebe Mitchell, William Credland, Niamh Fitzgerald, Leilani Norris, Vanessa Prokes, Nicholas Issi, Rebecca Purves, Vincent Delacour, Abigail Wheeler, Lucy Savin, Marcos Dunlop, Lucas Davies, Norah Keaveney, Thomas Colley, Lily Corcoran, Mia Cherry, Wills McLachlan, Tamim Hanna, Orlagh McColgan and Oscar Menzies.
The Good Manners Awards were presented to Maddie Evans and Sophie Williams.
Zac Evans won the Book Prize.
Walk to School Awards went to Mrs Treacy’s and Mr McKell’s classes.
Well done to our most active Sumdog students last week who were: Iara O’Kelly, Luis Caballero, Neve Emmitt, William O’Connor and Orlaith O’Hanlon.
Talk Homework
This week we will be gardening and planting potatoes. Do you grow food at home? Can you find out where some of your food comes from?
Year 1
Retell the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.  Do you think Goldilocks was right to do what she did?
Year 2
What are you looking forward to achieving this term?
Year 3
How can you eat a balanced diet?
Year 4
Why is it important to exercise?
Year 5
What have you learnt about road safety? Why is it so important?
Year 6
There is to be a General Election in June – what could politicians offer to change that would get the ‘vote’ of children?
Staffing for Next School Year
We have appointed two new members of staff for next September.  Miss Thomson will be in Y4 and Mrs Ashworth in Y5.  Both of these teachers have spent some time working in the school and the children are very familiar with them.
Yanomamo Costumes for Years 4-6 Production in July
Your child will need a plain teeshirt (not a strappy vest), any colour, but with no logos on. In addition they will need dark trousers, leggings or shorts.
Year 5/6 Boy’s Football
The year 5/6 boy’s football team finished the league season with an impressive 5-1 win against Holyport recently.
The team managed to remain unbeaten in the league for the second season running, including a 5-0 win against Oldfield.
Very well done to the 17 boys who represented the school throughout the season.
Football After School Club.
The Friday after school football club will recommence on the 28th April and finish for the season on the 12th May.
Rounders Club
This club is for Y5 and 6 on Mondays between 3.30 and 4.30 from 8th May onwards. Just turn up.
Cricket After School Clubs
This week will be the start of the three after school cricket clubs.
Monday       Year 3/4        3-30/4.30pm-already started.
Wednesday  Year 5/6        3-30/4.30pm.
Thursday      Year 1/2        3.30/4.00pm.
Please contact Mr. King as soon as possible if interested in joining, as places will be limited. Girls/boys/beginners welcome.
Girls, the year 3/4 and year 5/6 clubs do need you, as two of the forthcoming tournaments are for girls or mixed.
Other Clubs
M4thl3tic5 (maths) Wednesday 07:45 – 8:30am-Years 1-3.  This club is not free.
Running Club Friday 08:00 – 8:30am –Years 3-6.  Just turn up in your kit ready to run.
Active Gamerz –Thursday 4th May.  This is a paying club.
Irish Dance Classes
Classes run every Monday from 5-6pm in the school hall and cost £3.50 per lesson charged every half term. Sign up by e-mailing if you are interested.
Race Night- Saturday 29th April
Tickets are now on sale for the Race Night taking place on Saturday 29th April. Tickets are £10 per person and this includes a fish & chip supper (or alternative). We will need to order food in the next couple of weeks so if do intend to come, please let me know. You can drop your money off at the school office or give to me in the infant playground (preferably in an envelope with your name and email address on so I can contact you regarding food choices). Any queries PM me or email
If there is anything in this newsletter that is not clear please do ask.

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