St Edmund Campion children meet their French penpals!


IMG_0365St Edmund Campion began a friendship with a Catholic primary school in St Cloud, just outside Paris in 2014.  Maidenhead is twinned with St Cloud and there is a road in Maidenhead called St Cloud Way.  We have exchanged cards and letters with pupils at the school and participated in some Skype discussions in the classroom.  Sixty of our children have an allocated penpal and they have enjoyed getting to know each other.

IMG_0362 (1)In May 2016 we were delighted to welcome 68 children from Ecole St Joseph to our school.  The French children spent the morning in different classrooms to see what it’s like to be at an English school.  A high point of the morning was the whole school hymn practice where French and English children sang “Father, We Adore You” together as the French children had learnt it especially for the visit.

IMG_0388The weather was good and the French and English penpals then met up on the playground and enjoyed lunch and playing together.  We are pleased to report that we won the impromptu England versus France football match!

In the afternoon the penpals enjoyed playing rounders on the field and making a postcard for each other.  All in all it was a very successful day and one which will no doubt remain in the memories of all involved.

IMG_0381Madame de POmmerol, the head teacher at St Joseph, wrote to us on her return to France and said, “Our students came back ecstatic from their stay in England. During their five days stay their favourite part was the day spent with you. Thank you very much for your warm welcome and incredible organisation.”

We intend to maintain this warm friendship between the two schools for many years to come.

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