Comments from parents

” I’m very happy to see her progress and how well she is settle, very pleased with the staff and hope to see my daughter’s learning moving forward”

“I’m delighted to see my daughter’s progress in the Pre-School. She has developed massively in her confidence, speech and social skills, thanks to the structure and teaching of Mrs Knight”

“Our daughter could not have settled in better in this lovely nursery. Fantastic teachers in a calm, inspiring setting. My daughter has learnt so much already and has made some great friends. Thank you!”

“My son loves coming to nursery, he even asks to come at weekends and doesn’t understand that the teachers won’t be there. A big thank you to everyone for making it special and fun!”

“My son is one happy boy and loves to go to nursery. He tell us he made lots of friends. We are very happy as always talks about good things about the nursery and loves Mrs Tuscano. I would like to thank you all for your support and amazing team. Always nice an clean and controlled well. This is our second child here and we love it. I do believe that St. Edmund’s is one of the best nurseries in Maidenhead”

“What a wonderful start to education system. The children are so well looked after and supported. We love all the artistic creations that come home. We are looking forward her continued development over the coming year. Thank you for all your hard work!”

We are really pleased with how our son has settled into nursery. He brings learning home, singing the songs, saying the rhymes and practising writing his numbers and letters. Fab start”

“We are really happy with our son’s nursery experience. He has learnt so much already, it’s wonderful introduction to his education. We’ve been really impressed with all the teachers who are caring and kind”

“Our daughter absolutely loves nursery, she always comes home happy and full of waht she has been doing. She loves Mrs Knight and Miss Coco and all the fun things at nursery, there is so much going on and so much choice it is wonderful. We are so lucky to have this fabulous nursery for her. Thank you and keep up the brilliant work”

“My son loves nursery. He is happy and settled. Every week he learns new skills and grows in confidence. We are so delighted with the opportunities you give him. He really loves all the staff and children. He is so enthusiastic about all that he is learning and we are very grateful to Mrs Knight for her hard work and caring, and all the staff for their input too. Thank you!”

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