Governors Report 2014-15

I just wanted to write a brief letter on behalf of the Full Governing Body (FGB) to give you an insight into what we do and also a small bit of advice for those parents of children moving from Year 2 to Year 3!

The FGB’s sole focus is the welfare and education of all of the children at school. We are here to support and challenge the teaching staff to make sure the children receive the best education. This is achieved through regular meetings as a FGB with two main sub-committees being Resources (Finance) and Standards. Each meeting we drill down into the detail of the information provided by the staff to check our objective is met or ideally exceeded. We track pupil progress and ensure that children are stretched.

There are some items within the school we would like to mention as well. The list is not meant to be exhaustive and is in no particular order!

SAT’s results
The recent SAT’s results were outstanding and demonstrate the committed and talented staff we have across St Edmund Campion. Plenty of effort and teaching is required in the lead up to Year 6 so the FGB would like to thank all staff involved.

Extra-Curricular activities
The FGB are keen children receive a rounded education and learning does not have to take place within the classroom.

There are too many examples of sporting achievements from pupils of St Edmund Campion (team and individual) to mention in this note. However, the FGB were recently educated by Mr McKell about the “REAL PE” programme used at the school. This gave us an excellent insight into what goes on at school and we are aware that more and more pupils are participating in sporting activities and also representing the school. Mr McKell is backed up by all the other teachers in the school and we would like to thank all of you for the non-classroom work you do!

We had amazing news with Mrs Opalko having been voted the Greenest head teacher in the UK – officially. This was from a selection of 450 other applicants. The work that is done within the school in respect of sustainability shows the children the fragile nature of the environment and what can be done to “turn things around”.

The School Development Plan
This document is at the core of the Governors’ responsibilities and serves as benchmark to make sure our objectives are being maintained or exceeded. If they are not, then the FGB need to understand why and what actions are required to “get back on track”.

The Governors priorities for next year are summarised under the following headings follows:-

  • Curriculum
  • Faith development, Pastoral and Community Plan
  • Learning Environment and Premises Plan

These titles cover many areas of school life and how the FGB will seek to improve it. If you would like to discuss these then please feel free to contact

Foundation Governor
There is a vacancy for a Foundation Governor from September and if you would like to be considered please feel free to contact Mrs Opalko, Julia Evans or myself. Being a Governor is immensely rewarding but there is a great deal of work involved. Furthermore, being a parent and Foundation Governor is a difficult role to balance but the three of us are all on hand to discuss with any questions you may have. A Foundation Governor is appointed by the Bishop and must be a Catholic.

Year 2 To Year 3
It has come to our attention that there is a bit of a “dip” in reading standards in Year 3 in the early part of the academic year. The trend has been seen over the past few years. We are aware of the time pressures placed on us (as parents) and these can ironically increase with the holiday season. If time permits it might be really helpful for children making the transition from Year 2 to Year 3 to maintain reading over the summer holidays. Year 3 is important and a big leap from infants to juniors and with reading being so fundamental to learning it might help your child “make the jump” easier. Please understand this is not a directive but merely advice!

Parental Involvement
We would just like to thank all parents who are able to take time to be involved with the school in whatever capacity – extra reading, playground duties, lunch time duties and going on school trips. The school trips are a vital part of our children’s education and can only happen if the child / adult-helper ratio is met. Thanks again.

A Final Thank You
It has been another great year for the school and the FGB would like to thank everyone who has made this possible. It is impossible to make individual acknowledgements but we would like to extend special thanks to Mrs Opalko for leading a brilliantly enthusiastic team.

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