Energy Audit

What we feel we have achieved this year:

  • Understanding of most efficient class through checks and surveys
  • Thought about how energy is used in the production of water (Water workshop with Veolia man)
  • Used information learned in water workshop to teach and enlighten parents and families on the importance of drinking tap water and protecting environment
  • Wrote letters to Parozone regarding one of their products and its danger to the environment
  • Class won Eco Award in awards assembly
  • Understand that there are different methods used to produce energy (Wind farms, power plants, solar panels)
  • Understanding of which methods are renewable

What we want to learn:

  • The effect cars have on the environment through experiment
  • How much energy specific things in our homes produce in order to give facts and figures to people in an attempt to make a change
  • How Solar panels/wind farms work and to see them in action


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