Year 4

  • G13 made an entire stand out of recycled materials
  • Recycling composting workshop visit via the GreenRedeem OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwebsite
  • Game of matching up new materials made from waste products
  • Creating sea creatures for Ocean World purely from waste materials
  • Videos on comparing recycling plants and the impact that an individual can make
  • Recycling workshop on what we can and can’t recycle – RBWM
  • Recycling Fashion show items made from waste
  • Learnt about the Water cycle in Science and the importance of conserving water
  • Library books on recycling for silent reading
  • Designed posters on why we should recycle
  • Raindrops on reasons to reduce waste
  • English scheme of work on writing a letter to Mrs Confused about the benefits of recycling

LfS around the school

  • Eco-reps feedback on school initiatives
  • Y1 presentation on WWF and saving animals
  • Ocean World making us think about what goes into the ocean
  • Yanamamo taught us to protect the world’s forest
  • Cycle to school to reduce pollution
  • Green Day to promote being more sustainable
  • Learning not to waste food at lunchtimes
  • Switch off lights to save energy
  • Walk to school
  • Y5 stall on how cars pollute the earth
  • Assembly on the damage caused by bottled water and taking long showers!
  • Food share

What we have learnt this year

  • If something crinkles it goes in the landfill bin.  If it doesn’t it can be recycled.
  • 25 plastic bottles can be made into a fleece
  • 1 glass jar can produce enough electricity to power a TV for  15mins
  • Teabags can be composted
  • Old tyres can be recycled into playground surfaces
  • Compost takes 3months-1year to make
  • Recycling materials are sorted by clever machines at recycling plants into metal, glass, paper and plastics
  • Metal tins are crushed and recycled into new ones
  • It doesn’t matter if something breaks when you put it in a recycling bin
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle!
  • Give old clothes to someone younger than you or to a charity.
  • Reuse plastic bags.  Take shopping bags with you to the shops.
  • Never throw rubbish into the seas or oceans as it can harm sea creatures
  • Plastic bottles can be recycled into umbrellas
  • There are 3 types of bin – landfill, recycling and compost.  Remember to put the correct waste in the correct bin.
  • There are also special bins for garden waste and this is turned into compost
  • Plastic bottles can be made into garden furniture (like the bench in our playground)

Other LfS learning

  • Don’t buy bottles of water because it wastes packaging and causes extra transport and fuel.  Drink tap water!
  • Use a refillable water bottle

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