Sarah Armstrong

What is role on the Governing Body?sarah arm
I have just become a parent governor and I’m therefore not entirely sure yet how my specific role will develop, there’s a lot to read and learn. Might be best to ask me again in a few months!
What does this role mean?
Again, might be best to ask me again in a few months!
How do you feel about being a Governor?
I’m excited and proud about becoming part of the team, can’t wait to get started.
How long have you been a Governor?
Officially my role in office began 18th October.
Is there anything in the Education system which excites you or scares you?
I’m happy to learn more about the education system striving and investing a lot of time and effort in to helping every child reach their potential, regardless of what level of achievement they happen to be at.
Inspections and assessments of both the education establishments and the children is a concern. The last thing I’d want to see would be stressed and demotivated children.
What keeps you busy during the day?
I work as a Research Chemist for Syngenta and have done for nearly 20 years, so it seems I must like it! My role is quite academic, split between an office and laboratory environment, and I’m involved in several exciting research projects. One of the things I love about my job, is that I’m involved in Science that has never been done before and new discoveries are just around the corner. Every day is different.
My working hours are luckily quite flexible and therefore allow me to also run around after my children. ‘’Multi-tasking’’ is something I’m an expert in.
Is there any aspect of your “day-job” which you bring to your role as a Governor?
All of the above means I have to be super organised. I’m sure this will help, once I find my feet as a governor.
Do you have a favourite hobby?
I like to exercise and I am the official chairperson of a ‘’fitness section’’ at my companies recreation club. We do several classes, but Circuits is probably my favourite. I also like to relax in the usual ways, film, TV, socialising………………
Can you tell us a piece of advice you have been given which has stuck with you?
‘’The only good thing to do with good advice is pass it on; it is never of any use to oneself.” ― Oscar Wilde, so not exactly given to me personally, but I like it.
Do you follow a particular sport? Actively or non-actively!
As a Geordie, football is in my blood and Newcastle UTD is therefore my team. Unfortunately in recent years, this tends to bring more upset than joy and I’m getting quite good at convincing myself that it doesn’t really matter.
Can you tell us what three dishes would be in your best meal?
I would maybe start with pasta or risotto, following with something fishy and finishing off with cheesecake, if there’s room.
Who would you like to invite for a meal at your house and why?
Morrissey, although I imagine he wouldn’t come! Apart from the fact he just wouldn’t, my non-vegetarian fayre would probably put him off. However, should he come and should he be in a good mood, I don’t think you could top that.
What is your favourite film(s)?
The Wizard of Oz. It’s a timeless classic with a nice sentiment, sometimes what we’re looking for and what we want to be, is inside us all along.
Who was your favourite teacher at school and why?
Mr Snelson. He was my A level chemistry teacher and was one of the first teachers who really encouraged me, he helped me to develop confidence and realise that I had a future in Science. If it wasn’t for him, I imagine my life would have followed a very different path.

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