School Aims

The teaching and practice of the Catholic faith plays a major role in the life of the school and underpins the school’s curriculum. Each child is entitled to a high quality and balanced programme of learning experiences.

At our school we aim to:
Live how God wants us to live
Do our best in everything
Look after others because everyone is special
Look after our world

Our aim is to make our school a place where:
children learn in a happy, secure, stimulating and attractive environment;
parents are warmly welcomed and treated as partners;
there are high expectations of work and behaviour;
teachers strive to provide quality education to the highest academic standards;
every member of the community is valued
every child is acknowledged as having individual needs according to ability and aptitude
every child is offered the same opportunities, with a curriculum which is broad, balanced and well planned
every child is supported and challenged as appropriate, experiencing continuity and progression in their learning
Our aim is that each child will develop:

Catholic values and respect for the beliefs of all;
a loving relationship with God,
courteous behaviour and consideration for others, learning to recognise and appreciate the achievements of others
an interest in their work and be motivated to learn
a high standard of personal achievement and self-esteem
an appreciation of, and support for, our parish and the wider community

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