Julia Evans

Do you have children at the school?J Evans
Yes, two. 
What is your role on the Governing Body?
I was appointed a foundation governor and have recently been appointed Chair.
What does this role mean?
As a governing body we are involved in decisions about all aspects of leading our school. As a foundation governor I am additionally responsible for maintaining the ethos and catholic character of our school.
How do you feel about being a Governor?
Sometimes daunting but mostly fulfilling.
Is there anything in the Education system which excites you or scares you?
The role of the governor nationally has been changing vastly and quickly over the past couple of years. It is exciting adapting to change and ensuring we implement and keep up with best practise within our school.
What keeps you busy during the day?
Like any other full time Mum, I’m mainly running around after my family. I enjoy helping out at the school regularly and anytime left over I enjoy running and Zumba!
Is there any aspect of your “day-job” which you bring to your role as a Governor?
In my life before children I qualified as a Management Accountant, which is extremely useful for helping me understand and make decisions regarding the financial aspects of the school.
Do you have a favourite hobby?
I enjoy exercise and reading, although my husband would say shopping!
Do you follow a particular sport? Actively or non-actively!
I absolutely love following Wimbledon every year and would love to play tennis again more regularly.
Can you tell us what three dishes would be in your best meal?
Chocolate cheesecake, Tiramisu, Profiteroles. Yes you’re getting the idea.. I have a sweet tooth.
What did you do over the recent summer holidays?
I had a wonderful 2 week holiday in the Vendee (France) with my family, my sister and her family and my mother.
Can you tell us an amazing fact?
I am the great great great granddaughter of Charles Dickens.
What is your favourite film(s)?
Green Fried Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.
Which song have you been humming recently?
“Sunshine on a Rainy day” by Zoe.
Who was your favourite teacher at school and why?
My dance teachers for 9 years (aged 9 to 18); Miss McCall and Mrs Orchard, who inspired my love of dance…..currently fulfilled by Zumba!



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