Dean Bickford

BickfordWhat is your role on the Governing Body?
I am a new Foundation Governor and have yet to take on a specific role.
How do you feel about being a Governor?
I feel a great sense of responsibility, and a duty to protect the interests of the students.
How long have you been a Governor?
I was appointed in June 2013.
Is there anything in the Education system that excites you or scares you?
The most exciting thing about the education system is that there is a wealth of very talented and inspirational people working with children guiding them and ensuring that children have some fantastic opportunities and experiences. The only concern I have is the constant need to assess children can restrict those experiences and create stress and pressure too early in their academic lives.
What keeps you busy during the day?
My working life as a solicitor.
Is there any aspect of your “day-job” which you bring to your role as a Governor?
It is difficult to answer this question as I do not yet know what the role entails. However, I hope my legal background and need to understand (and hopefully help in resolving) the issues that arise will be of use.
Do you have a favourite hobby?
Can you tell us a piece of advice you have been given which has stuck with you?
Don’t buy a dog and bark yourself.
Can you tell us how you relax?
A variety of activities including: spending time with my family (4yr old and 7yr old ensure life is never dull); learning guitar (badly); golf and watching sport.
Do you follow a particular sport? Actively or non-actively?
I will watch any sport, particularly football (supporting Liverpool and Reading – in that order of priority), cricket, rugby and golf. Active participation is limited to golf or garden cricket/football.
What did you do over the recent summer holidays?
My greatest achievement was getting my daughter to rider her bicycle without her stabilizers. We also went camping and spent a delightful week at a villa in Portugal with the in-laws.
Who would you like to invite for a meal at your house and why?
Probably Jimi Hendrix. I would make him a sandwich and then we could spend the remainder of the evening with him teaching me to play guitar.
Can you tell us an amazing fact?
It is (I believe) still illegal to die or wear a suit of armour in the House of Commons. However, a pregnant woman can relieve herself anywhere including in a policeman’s helmet.
What is your favourite film?
The Empire Strikes Back.
Who was your favourite teacher and why?
A rather charismatic and eccentric man by the name of Mr Lister. He taught me Latin and Ancient Greek for my first three years at senior school. He was very inspirational and as a result I studied both languages at University.

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