Ed Robinson

What is your name?
Eddie Robinsoned
What is role on the Governing Body?
Foundation Governor (previously Chair)
What does this role mean?
For me it means bringing the whole Governing Body together and to make sure we challenge the school so it is heading in the right direction and in the right way! Whenever you have a body of individuals there is always the chance of disagreement but each individual needs to have “their say”. I want to make sure that everyone is heard.
How do you feel about being a Governor?
I really like it but it is a big responsibility. We are helped with a very strong management team within the school. My boys (Tim and Jamie – Year 5 and 3 respectively) sometimes ask if I am in trouble if I have to go to another Governor’s meeting with Mrs Opalko!
How long have you been a Governor?
6 years approximately
Is there anything in the Education system which excites you or scares you?
I suppose Academies are exciting but are they a “political solution” to a problem which might not exist! Funding is always an issue given the current economic times!
What keeps you busy during the day?
I run an Estate Agency from home and have done so for nearly 10 years.
Is there any aspect of your “day-job” which you bring to your role as a Governor?
I am on the Premises Committee as I have a good handle on the condition of property.
Do you have a favourite hobby?
I like watching quality TV although I am finding it increasingly harder to find quality TV especially on a Saturday night! I really like the TV series Breaking Bad though – excellent! If there are other Breaking Bad fans in the playground please make yourself known to me!Can you tell us a piece of advice you have been given which has stuck with you?
I have a few and they change often!
“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”
“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now!”
“Lower your voice or improve your argument” – this one was told to me about a month ago and thankfully in a friendly setting!
Do you follow a particular sport? Actively or non-actively!
I like watching International Sport and especially rugby and cricket. Football is OK but it can be a bit dull!
I have recently taken up swimming at the Magnet Leisure Centre but it means early starts!
Can you tell us what three dishes would be in your best meal?
Starter would be anything swimming in garlic butter especially prawns or mushrooms.
Main course would be anything that does not have beetroot in it!
Bread and butter pudding.
What did you do over the recent summer holidays?
Helen and I had 2 weeks in Spain which was nice and we went camping as well in Shoreham.
Who would you like to invite for a meal at your house and why?
I would love to have Chris Evans, Michael McIntyre and Stephen Fry over for a meal – their stories really interest me. I used to work in London near BuckinghamPalace and I always wondered if I would happen to walk past Prince Charles and just ask him round for dinner – no press etc just have a chat. Any frontline Royal would be good though – William and Kate and now George!
Food would be cooked by Nigella Lawson and she would be assisted by Keith Floyd who would look after drinks as well!
What is your favourite film(s)?
All the original Star Wars. All the Toy Story films. Jerry Maguire, Field of Dreams, Dead Poets Society. I like a story basically.
Who was your favourite teacher at school and why?
Paul Miller – he actually got me interested in English at “A” level!

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