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Morning Club and Turning Circle

This page will be updated with Autumn Term booking links and information on 2nd August

We are able to offer a form of morning club from March 8th up until the Easter Holidays when we will
review the format, price and timings.
From 8th March, morning club children can be dropped off in the car park between 8:00 and 8:15 and will
go to their class for supervised activities until the start of their school day. The increased staffing costs
from having to maintain separate year group bubbles rather than having all the children together means
that we will have to charge £2.50 (for first child, £2 for siblings) rather than the usual £1.50. If you would
like to use the morning club service this term, you will need to book and pay at least 2 days in advance so
that adjustments to staffing can be made.

To book:
To pay:

Staggered Timings for the remainder of the Spring/Summer 2021Terms
Drop off
8:30 Year 6 and Year 1
8:40 Year 4 and Year 2
8:50 Y5 and Nursery
9:00 Year 3 and Reception
Collection – please arrive at the correct time to allow for staggering
3:00 Reception
3:10 Year 6 and Year 1
3:20 Year 4 and Year 2
3:30 Year 5 and Year 3
3:35 Nursery

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any parent parking, other than to blue badge holders, in the school car park.

New procedures for collecting children at the end of the day 


We had hoped that the protective measures schools need to follow to ensure we can open safely would have been eased by now. It now seems they will still be in place as we move into the colder, wetter winter months.  This means that the current end of day ‘turning circle’ collection won’t work as the area will be too muddy and potentially icy as well as the need to stand still in the colder weather being quite uncomfortable for the children.

Morning turning circle is working well and will be unaffected by the change to collection procedures.  The end of day for the nursery is also unaffected.



If you travel to school by car, you will need to park on the road and walk into school via the school car park at the front of the school. 

Parents of children in all year groups should enter the school site via the upper junior green gates and follow a one-way system around the exterior of the school and exit through the infant playground gates.  The one-way system must be strictly adhered to.

As you move through the playground areas, you should pick up your child from their allocated area (see attached map) and keep walking round to collect any siblings.

As soon as you have collected your child from an area, it is imperative that you move swiftly through the one-way system to avoid bottlenecks and allow for social distancing. Please do not stop to chat to anyone. It is important to leave the site as quickly as possible to free up car parking spaces for those collecting at a later time.

We encourage parents to wear masks when on the school site if they are able to.

Parents must have any younger siblings with them at all times.  Children must not play on the play equipment as it is cleaned regularly for school groups.

Children being collected from the field will go over to the field at their year group time and wait with a member of staff as usual.

Wise Owls and Maria’s Bus will carry on as usual.

Please share this information with partners, grandparents and childminders – anyone who may be collecting your child.


We are sorry for the rigid rules we have to impose and hope to be in a position to be able to relax them as soon as possible.