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Morning Club and Turning Circle

This operates each morning 7:45-8:45 at a cost of £2 per child £1.50 for siblings
You may drive in to the school car park before 8:15am and drop children off for morning club or walk your child
 to the green gates in the KS2 playground where they will be registered.

No adults will pass the green gates so that we can ensure the children within the gates are safe and supervised. Our older children are wonderful at helping the younger children settle in and there will be staff on hand to supervise and support.
Places must be booked and paid for at least 48 hours in advance to ensure appropriate staffing levels as we do

not limit the numbers attending morning club.

This late collection time slot operates each day. Children will be cared for in school and then taken to the front of school turning circle point for collection between 3:45-4. The cost is £1 per child which must be paid for in advance via Squid.
This late collection time will be limited to 45 children to ensure the children are well supervised at the collection point. 

Morning Drop Off
Although our usual school hours are 8:45 - 3:15 with registration at 8:55, we have had many parental requests to carry on running the mornings as they have this year (2020-21).  We have considered this and know that the children do benefit from being left with members of staff at the front of the school and walking into their classrooms calmly and independently without all the noise of a full school playground.
We will trial a ‘soft start’ for the first half of the Autumn Term, where children can be dropped off at turning
circle at the front of the school (by car or walking as is the case now) or at the field gate, between 8:30-8:45,

(we’ll see how the timings work) and walk into school on their own rather than all parents being in the
playground for drop off at 8:45 as was the case previously.

End of Day Collection

Children can be collected by parents/carers from the school’s infant playground at 3:15. Children in KS2 will walk through to the infant playground for collection.