Berkshire School Games

The school amazingly had two Year 5/6 Kwik cricket teams representing Ascot and Maidenhead.
Both teams were involved in several close finishes with 2, 5 ,7 and 9 runs being the difference between winning and losing.

The two teams received well deserved certificates for their efforts.

Year 5/6 Mixed team.
The following girls and boys represented the school.
Nina Gibson, Steffi Swanson, Rebecca Purves, George Holden, Matthew Evans, William O’Connor , Edward Cotter, Zidane Nazir, Gabriel Shaw and Jack McCartney.

Year 5/6 Girl’s team.
The following girls took part
Isabelle Burnard, Emily Bradley, Millie George, Isla Degiorgio Maclaren, Lottie Mitchell, Imogen Palmer, Caitlin Freeman, Tatiana Bertholdi, Freya Cleeton and Katie Aspinall.

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