Eco Group’s Winter Poster Competition 2018…

A Sustainable Packed Lunch

Over the Christmas holidays all of the children in our school were invited to take part in our annual poster competition.  This year the Eco group wanted the children to learn about how they can be more Eco-friendly when they make packed lunches, whether they are for school or picnics at the weekend.  Some of the things the children learnt were:

  • Use a reusable lunchbox
  • Use a reusable water bottle or flask
  • Use reusable Tupperware to store snacks instead of clingfilm and foil
  • Buy in bulk and decant to reduce packaging
  • Bake/make your own to reduce waste
  • Use metal cutlery that can be washed and reused

There were so many wonderful entries and the Eco-group were delighted with the amazing quality of the posters and how much everyone has learnt about this issue.

We hope you enjoy looking at the winning entries and that they help you remember how to make a sustainable packed lunch.  The posters will also be on display in our entrance hall for you to see.  Well done to all our winners!

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