Newsletter 3

Wednesday 20th September 2017

Dear Parents and Children,
Gospel Target
Our target for the week based on the Sunday Gospel is to be forgiving.
Award Assembly
The stars for last week were: Zoe Butler, Charlotte Yorke, Pearce Walsh, Alex Miler, Elise Cunningham, Dami Akinjobi, Alex Lang, Jaiden Smith-Gil, James Maher, Washington Gotora, Jacob Adams, Ronak Panchal, Juliana Hoonhorst, Joshua Colley, Monty Harte, May Kelly, Tristan Kitchener, Seb Sutehall, Evie Yendell, Zach Allmark, Lachlan Carroll, Emma Young, Alexa Jones, Sophia Kinder, Caitlin Carey, Tian Liverpool, Matylda Wolska and Thomas O’Connor.
The Good Manners Awards went to Kian Bowden and William Clough.
Emma Young and Kayla Hamdache won the Book Prize.
Words of the Week
Year 2:usual; Year 3:rival; Year 4:insufficient;  Year 5:melodic;  Year 6:pompous.
Talk Homework
We are learning to take turns and play games. What board games do play at home? Which is your favourite and why?
Where in the world have you travelled to? Where would you like to go and why?
Why was the moon landing, on the 20th July 1969, a significant event in history?
When does your ‘Red Beast’ wake up? How can you tame it?
How can a growth mind set make a difference to your progress at school?
Discuss what life must have been like for an evacuee in World War 2.
It costs £460,000 a day to run the RNLI. If you were Head of Fundraising, how would you go about raising such large sums of money?
Marking and Feedback
Research has shown that the traditional method of feeding back to pupils through writing in books is not the most effective method of moving on children’s learning.  We have therefore taken the decision of maintaining marking diaries.  The teacher reads through the work in pupils’ books, makes notes on what has often been misunderstood, and runs through the common misconceptions with the whole class the next day. There is time for pupils to look over their own work and correct their mistakes.  When you come to see your child’s work at the end of November you will see some work marked, but much of it will have MD in the margin to indicate that the comments are in the marking diary.  What I hope you will see is improvement in your child’s work over time.
I know many of you already give to Foodshare when you visit a supermarket; however you may be interested to know that we collect grocery items here at school for Foodshare to support families in need in our community.  Many of the children bring in an item on Monday to display on the hall stage. It would be wonderful if you could support this worthwhile charity.
Y3 and 4 Parent Workshop for Maths and English-Thursday 21st September, 7.30
If you would like to find out more about how to support your child in maths and English do attend this workshop.
Start of School Mass-Wednesday 4th October, 9.30
Parents welcome. Y2 children will be presenting the mass.
Y5 Trip to PGL
Just to confirm the dates are 1st -3rd November.
Cross Country Competition
We shall be entering a cross country competition on Monday 27th November and this event is open to children in Years 4, 5 and 6. Trials will be held (during school hours), nearer the date to select out two fastest boys and girls for each year group. Should your child have an interest in running then please encourage them to come to running club on Friday mornings – 8.00am.  Meet at the gazebo. Children do not need to attend the club to be selected for the team but practice will give them a better chance of selection.
Badminton After School Clubs
The Year 3/4 badminton club will have its first session on Monday 2nd October. 3.30/4.30pm.
The Year 5/6 badminton club will start again on Wednesday 4th October (3.30/4.30pm) and the Year 1&2 club on Thursday 5th October, 3.30/4.00pm.
Beginners are most welcome.
All equipment will be provided. PE kit to be worn.
Please contact Mr. King if interested in playing, as places are limited.
Football  After School Club
Two regular helpers are needed to assist with the running of the Year 3/4/5/6 Friday after school football club. This will prevent having to limit places at a very well supported club.
The club has its first session on Friday 6th October, 3-30 /4-15pm.
Please contact Mr. King if able to help.
Tag Rugby Club for Years 3-6
This club begins on Friday 22nd September.
There is a biathlon being organised for Under 10, 11 and 12 categories on Saturday 30th September. The deadline for entries is 18th September. Venue: Bracknell Leisure Centre, Bagshot Rd, Bracknell, RG12 9SE
Following the success of the girls’ biathlon during the summer term we wanted to highlight this event which is open to both boys and girls.
Please visit the following website if you wish to enter your child:
Accommodation Needed
For many years now we have been hosting trainee teachers from Bethel University, USA. We are looking for host families to accommodate these students from Thursday 4th to Thursday 27th January.  For some of these days they will be travelling to other countries/places of their choice and for two of the weeks they will be attending various schools around Maidenhead.  You will be paid £320 for their accommodation.  My preference is for two young people to share so that they can travel together, especially if they are coming home late at night. If you are able to provide accommodation please let me know. They are delightful young people; host families in the past have always enjoyed having them.
Please do ask if anything in the newsletter is unclear.

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