June 2017

Those Present for Infant Chat: Tricia Opalko, Nick Griffiths, Alma Powell, Julia Evans.

 Those Present for Junior Chat: Tricia Opalko, Nick Griffiths, Alma Powell

 Discussion Topic: School Life
Once the governors had introduced themselves, Mrs Opalko explained to the children why they were there and that the governors wanted to discuss general school life with them. The children were excited to talk to us.

Infant Children (Reception, Year 1 and 2)
What do you like about the school? All the children were keen to tell us, so we asked them one by one. Some of the responses included: “I have lots of nice friends”, “maths”, “we always do fun activities”, “we have new experiences, for example kick boxing” and “we have good projects, like the great fire of London”.

How could we make the school a better place? Some of the children said they would like some more flowers. One commented that they would like some more infant playground equipment. Another said, “I think it’s perfect!”

Do you feel safe in school? One child expressed that they were a little bit worried about someone coming into the school grounds (Mrs Opalko reassured this child).  All the other children said they always felt safe. Mrs Opalko went on to tell the children that if they ever felt unsafe, for any reason, they were to come and tell her.

What helps you learn? A few of the children mentioned their teacher. One child said, “Sometimes I don’t understand things”. Mrs Opalko then asked what he does when this happens? The child replied, “I ask my teacher.”

Some other comments were; “everything in school helps me learn”, “the smart board and video clips”. After this last comment there was a discussion on smart boards. The children said they would like some more white board pens and another white board in the Studio.

One child told us about “Numicon”. This was discussed at great length and the child went to get this learning aid and gave the governors a demonstration. We were very impressed by both the maths aid and the explanation! The children also talked to us about the “learning pit”. This is when someone is initially taught something new, they may struggle at first but with continued work and determination they will find they understand and be able to do it.

Junior Children (Years 3,4,5 and 6)
What do you like about the school? Some of the children said they enjoyed the projects. They particularly enjoyed getting to choose what they could do. They have enjoyed the Victorians, Greeks and World War 2. Some children said they enjoyed the different subjects. They like that teachers pair them up with their friends, but also with someone who can help them. They like the reward of gems (this is a reward system in one class for good behaviour, work etc. It is a team reward system).

One child said they liked watching videos when there was a difficult topic as this helped them to understand, for example, Politics.

“We loved the trip to Wales, particularly the beach” and “I really like Maths because it is fun” were other comments.

The children told the governors that they really enjoyed Art week. They like how it is done in a week block instead of weekly lessons. They like to see the results at the end of the week.

Do you feel safe in school? The comments were as follows; “When we are outside, teachers are there”, “yes, we are always with our friends”, “yes, we have fences and the gate to the alley is locked and no one is on their own”, “I always feel there is someone to help you”.

What could be improved in the School? The following points were raised to the governors:

  • They would like to be called in for lunch earlier as it is rushed and we are late for lessons
  • They would like Art more often
  • They would like more outside lessons
  • They would like the rugby club to come back
  • They would like softer, padded chairs
  • They would like the nature garden tidied up a bit, and to sow some wild flowers (noted by Eco Group).
  • They would like the tests to be shorter
  • They would like to have class pets
  • We would like more RE buddy sessions, currently they are once a month.


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