Newsletter 30

Wednesday 24th May 2017

Dear Parents and Children,
Pupil Prayer
Dear God, Please help the tribes and animals in the Amazon. May our show (Yanomamo) help them. Amen.  A Y5 pupil.
Words of the Week
Year 2: tranquil; Year 3: scheme; Year 4: highlight;  Year 5:agile;  Year 6:irrational.
Star of the Term Assembly
The following children were stars last week: Lucie Marshall-Riche, Luis Caballero, Sophie Williams, Alex Borg-Potter, George Kinder, Ian Balfe, Albie Feeley, Hugo Gray, Daniel Perkins, Gabriela Iglesias, William Burns and Gabriela Garcia de Miguel, Tom Berry, Holly Griffiths, Liam Gillooly, Matthew Evans, Joe Fernandez Titcumb, Alessandra Plewman, Tao Liverpool, Matteo Cedrola, Eileanor Phelan, Rafe Degiorgio Maclaren, Abu Bakr Ali and Tanisha Cunningham.
Good Manners awards went to Phoebe Mitchell and Catalina Donaldson..
Laurine Collomb and Franciszek Abramowicz won a Book Prize each.
Walk to School was won by classes.
Well done to our most active Sumdog students last week who were: Stefan Konig, Maksymilian Wolski, Khalisah Mahmood. Oliver Jackson-Poza and Ned Sheehy.
Talk Homework
What does a plant need to grow big and strong?
Year 1
Can you name all the different types of split digraphs? Why are they called this?
Year 2
How do you use maths in your life?
Year 3
How can we help look after our world?
Year 4
Why is Stonor House an important part of British history?
Year 5
Why do we not need workhouses today?
Year 6
The Amazon rainforest creates 20% of the the earth’s oxygen. – should we be concerned that it continues to be cut down for timber and producing cheap beef?
Team Point Winners
St Mark’s gained the most team points this half term, therefore they may wear their own clothes on Friday.
Bike it Breakfast
Thank you to all of those who managed to cycle/scoot to school on Wed 17th May, despite the miserable weather. It was wonderful to have so many parents and children at the event.
We are extremely grateful to our local Sainsburys, as well as Sainsburys and Waitrose in town for their generosity in donating the breakfast food items to us. Thank you too to Mrs Moore for organising it-we fed well over 100 parents and children that morning!
Calling all Gardeners!
We are looking for keen gardeners to help two current parents look after the veg patches throughout this term. Any amount of time you have available would be appreciated. We will show you what needs to be done. Please contact the office or me if you are interested in helping.
Plant Troughs
The Eco group have planted the new flowers in troughs outside Mrs McQuillan’s classroom today and they have really improved the look of our school grounds.  We hope that in this area most children can enjoy them on their way in and out of school.
Please could you ask your children to not touch or pick the flowers.  We hope they all like them!
Careers Morning
We are delighted to invite you to join us at a special showcase Primary Futures event on Friday 7th July from 9:15-11:00.
The event will see parents/volunteers from different industries to chat to our children about their jobs. We are aiming to broaden the horizons of our children, help them see the links between their lessons and their futures whilst reducing gender specific stereotyping. We are inviting both parents and volunteers via the charity Primary Futures.
The event will kick off with a special welcome activity in the main hall. Following this you will visit classrooms to meet groups of children, chat about your job and answer their questions. You don’t need to give a formal talk but simply to sit and chat informally and answer some questions from them about your job and what it involves: for example, meeting people, or being a team player and importantly how you make use of the subjects you learnt at school, particularly Maths and English.
If you would like to take part in this event and are free on July 5th please contact Karen Murdoch via 01628 620 183
Diary Dates
We will open the school from 3.30 -7.00pm on July 17th so that you can come and look at your child’s work if you wish.
There will be a Mass followed by tea on Friday 14th July at 6.00pm to say goodbye to Mrs Barry.
KS1 and KS2 Discos-26th May
The infant and nursery disco is from 5.15-6.30 and the junior from 6.45-8.30.  The cost at £3.50 includes refreshments.  Nursery parents only must attend with their child.
Please note the following: Nursery and Infant will leave by the main entrance; Juniors will enter by the studio door and leave afterwards by the main entrance.
Green Day-Friday 9th June
We are highlighting the importance of looking after our world that day by allowing the children to wear something green. No charge!
Year 5/6 Football Final
The Year 5/6 boy’s football team joined 2 other current league champions and played in a trio final recently.
The team having produced amazing results in the league all season, continued their ‘master class’ performances by beating All Saints 3-1 and Riverside 9-0 to win the trio final.
All Saints finished runners-up by beating Riverside 2-0.
Well done to the 10 boys who represented the school.
PTA Meeting-Tuesday 5th June, 8.00pm
The meeting will be held in the temporary staffroom.
Staff Training Day-Friday 23rd June
This is a day when the children do not come to school.
Half Term Date
Monday 29th May-Friday 2nd June. Children should return to school on Monday 5th June.
If there is anything in this newsletter that is not clear please do ask.

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