Newsletter 20

Wednesday 24th February 2017

Dear Parents and Children,
Award Assembly
The following children received stars before the  half term break: Jack Ruddick, Abilee Chandler, Max Murray, Hannah Lis, Finley McLaughlin, Carys Edwards, Oliver Rzeminski, Vincent Delacour, Luca Iavagnilio, Stefan Konig, Juliana Hoonhorst, Kuba Muszynski, Sienna King, Matthew Evans, Miriam Hamdache, Bella Wheeler, Orlaith O’Hanlon, Luca Calabrese, Ryan Greenwood, Emiliana Ryder, Billy Stokoe, Rohan Nangpal, Sean Turley, Hayden Appleyard, Corbin Gabb, Xavier Barua Wilding, Finn Simmons and Elsie Rose Taylor.
Good Manners Awards went to Ned Sheehy and Tristan Kitchener.
Book Prizes went to Ciara Doyle, Huw Carter and Carissa Tuscano.
Walk to School was won by Mrs Tang’s and Mrs Treacy’s classes.
Word of the Week
This week the word is ecstatic (very happy).
Well done to our most active Sumdog students last week who were:  Stefan Konig, Beatrice Brookes, Jaiden Smith Gill, Dayo Akinjobi, and Lauren Evans.
Talk Homework
Could you catch a star? How would you do it?
Year 1
How do you write a card?
Year 2
What changes does Spring bring?
Year 3
What makes a good story? What types of characters do they include?
Year 4
What do you notice as Spring approaches?
Year 5
Would you want Percy Jackson’s way of life? Why/why not?
Year 6
How else could you measure the progress of a child from Reception to Year 6 apart from maths, reading and writing?
PTA Quiz Evening-Saturday 25th February
Don’t forget that the PTA School Quiz will be held this Saturday (25 February) at 7.30 in the school hall. The cost is £5 per person and tables should ideally be between 6 and 8 people. Feel free to bring your own nibbles, a bar is provided.
This is a really popular and fun event so if you have never been before, please come along – new faces are always welcome.  Lots of our regulars are not able to come so we have plenty of spaces still available and there is even more chance that you will be able to walk away with the winning trophy (golden duck…) or even the wooden spoon!
To book tickets, please email or drop an envelope into the school office with your team details and payment by cash or cheque. If you are unable to make up a table but would still like to come, please let us know as we can do that for you.
Do you want to learn more about your faith?
You might be interested in four moments of reflection about our faith. A kind of back to Basics. Catechesis for parents and adults about fundamentals of Christian faith during four Saturdays 9.30-11am in the parish centre (exactly while first communion children are prepared in the school).  No confirmation is needed-just turn up.
25 February: What is the newness that Christ brought to mankind?
School Community Building Fund
This fund is financed by a charge that we have to pay to the diocese according to the number of pupils that attend the school.  Therefore we ask for all parents to make a contribution of £30 per child for each school year.  The charge that the school has to pay is not optional and has to be paid regardless of how many families contribute.
If you do not make a contribution to the School Community fund, then this payment has to be made directly from the school budget; which is a sum of money received from the Government with which we have to pay for ALL school related expenditure including: staff salaries and on-costs, utilities and energy, building and grounds maintenance, council tax, ICT equipment and resources, insurance premiums, catering supplies, classroom supplies and stationery, furniture, text and exercise books, administrative supplies, telephone equipment, line and call costs and refuse collection.
We are keen to ensure that we continue to provide our pupils with quality staff, premises and resources as listed above and as such ask that you consider making a contribution to the School Community Building Fund even if you have not done so before. Please ask for a form from the office so that you can set up a standing order or pay by cash.
Cleaner Required
We require a trustworthy school cleaner for two hours a day, either before or after school, or even in the evening.  The successful candidate will need to undergo a DBS check.
Y5 Residential Trip-November 2017
There will be a meeting to discuss the PGL residential trip in the next academic year for the current Y4 parents and pupils.  The meeting will be in the school hall on Friday 24th February at the end of the school day.  It is important that all parents attend.
Diary Dates
Ash Wednesday Mass: 1st March, 9.30
World Book Day: March 2nd -the children may come as a book character or in their own clothes as a reader of books.
Mrs Brookman’s class assembly: Friday 10th March 9.10
PTA Meeting-Tuesday 7th March, 8.00pm
All welcome. The meeting will be in the staffroom.
Parents Evenings-27th and 28th March
Sign-up sheets are now on display, or will be shortly.  The Juniors’ lists will be available on the front door and the Infants’ on boards in the vicinity of classrooms.
Save the Date
The very popular PTA Camping Night is on Saturday 17th June.
Do you work for Mars?
Currently we have three parents that we know work for Mars. They all use their ‘sweet allowance’ for us to support activities at the Summer and Christmas Fayres.  Is there anyone else out there working for Mars who could support us in the same way-could be a grandparent or other relative?  Mars also do Match Giving which helps to boost PTA funds.
Pool Lifeguard Volunteers Needed
During the summer term and over the summer holidays we open the pool after school 3.30-5pm and weekends and holidays 2-4pm.
In order to be able to open the pool we need volunteer lifeguards.
The PTA funds the shallow water lifeguard course which you will need to go on for the training. This is held over 2 afternoons at Windsor leisure pool (dates to be confirmed). As the PTA fund this training we ask you to commit to doing at least 10 life guarding sessions throughout the summer (these can be weekday or weekend sessions).
Please remember that when you are lifeguarding your focus HAS to be on the pool and the safety of those using it, so if you have young children who are unable to swim unaided and will therefore need your attention then this may not be a suitable role for you at the moment.
We need to get the lifeguard courses booked up so if you feel that this is something you could do then please email
Thank you to those of you who have already put your names forward – Lucy will be in touch with course dates when she has them.
Nursery Admissions 2017-18
Children born between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015.
The deadline to apply for the nursery is 28th February 2017.
Father Pepe will sign the SIF for those children in Categories 3,4 and 5 only, based on Sunday Mass attendance cards (or letter from the parish priest if from another parish), on 1st, 2nd, 22nd and 27th February 2017 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM and from 11:00 AM to 12 PM, not before.
Star Gazing Event
In conjunction with the BBCs Stargazine Live 2017, Maidenhead Astronomical Association invites you to attend our own stargazing event on 1st April at White Waltham Airfield from18:30 onward. MAS members will set up their telescopes for public viewing and talks will be held throughout the evening in the clubhouse. This public event is free but donations to the society are welcome. Further information can be found on our website or on our Facebook page
If there is anything in this newsletter that is not clear please do ask.

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