Newsletter 17

Wednesday 25th January 2017

Dear Parents and Children,
Award Assembly
The following children were awarded star of the week, last week: Edward Morris, Hannah Roth, William Burns, Joshua Santacaterina, Amy Cheeseman, Oscar Menzies, Tristan Kitchener, Thiago Cedrola, Hayden Appleyard, Tom Carter, Isabella Rees, Della McWalter, Uzair Sajjad, Lena Snowden, Qasim Ismail, Millie George, Darcie Griggs, Alexander Williams, Sinead Fitzgerald, Luca Dance, Nico Coles-Gomez, Ruby Loureiro, Vanessa Prokes, Olivia Smyth, Monty Harte, Rafael Dukes-Pinto, Huw Carter and Josephina Rowe.
Good Manners Awards went to Sarah Fernando and Jaden Le.
Book Prizes were awarded to Elyssa Webster, Clara Collomb and Matteo Cedrola.
Walk to School was won by Mrs Camp-Overy’s and Miss Dobson’s classes.
Word of the Week
This week the word is forlorn (sad).
Well done to our most active Sumdog students last week who were: Stefan Konig, Alexander Konig, Finlay McLaughlin, Marcel Arora, Jaiden Smith Gil.
Talk Homework
We are looking at instructions this week- where can you find instructions at home? Why are they important?
Year 1
Why is it good to give as well as to receive?
Year 2
Why is reading important?
Year 3
We use electricity every day. Can you think of the ways we use electricity? How could we reduce our use?
Year 4
What difference could Donald Trump make as president?
Year 5
How can we learn to appreciate and love nature?
Year 6
What is your favourite memory of a mountain?
Lifeguards Needed
Please come forward if you are able to help with summer swimming; this involves attending training and manning the pool for at least 10 sessions in the summer.  Without you the pool cannot open! Only volunteer if your child is/children are water confident as you will need to give your full attention to all the children in the pool.
Cake Sale-Friday 27th January
There will be a cake sale on Friday after lunch to raise money for Barmouth Lifeboat Station.  Every year our Y6 visit the station to see how it works. They like to take a contribution with them as a thank you.  Cakes will be about 25p each so it is a good idea, if you wish, to send 50p with your child. Donations of cakes would be most welcome.
Wales Trip Meeting- Friday 27th January, 3.30
There will be a meeting for parents and children from Y5 to discuss details of the September 2017 Wales residential trip.  It is important that you and your child attend.
NSPCC Maths Day- Friday 3 February
As usual the children can wear something that has spots, stripes or anything mathematical. In return a donation of £1 per family is requested to go to the NSPCC.
Mrs McQuillan and Mrs Treacy’s Class Assembly- Tuesday 7th February, 9.10
Parents welcome.
PTA Meeting- Tuesday 7th February, 8.00pm
All welcome.
Coats Needed
Please make sure your child has a warm coat in school.
Admissions Reception 2017
Reminder we haven’t received all the siblings applications.  Can you please fill out the Supplementary Information Form and, along with the Baptismal Certificate, please hand them in to the school office.
Nursery Admissions 2017-18
Children born between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015.
The deadline to apply for the nursery is 28th February 2017.
Father Pepe will sign the SIF for those children in Categories 3,4 and 5 only, based on Sunday Mass attendance cards (or letter from the parish priest if from another parish), on 1st, 2nd, 22nd and 27th February 2017 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM and from 11:00 AM to 12 PM, not before.
PTA Aerobathon
Our first aerobathon is being held on Sunday 29 January from 1pm in the school hall.  All abilities are welcome and you can come for as little or as long as you would like.  Tickets are £10 per person, please email to book a space or drop your money into the office in a named envelope.
There will be four instructors and the afternoon will run as follows: 12.45-1.00 Registration; 1.00-1.45 Circuits – FitBuzz; 1.50-2.35 Bootcamp Workout – Immortal Fitness; 2.40-3.25 Body Weight and Circuit Training – Training Unity; 3.30-4.15 PiYo – Achieva Pilates.  Refreshments will be available for a small donation.
Any questions, please feel free to ask.
Nursey and Infant Disco 5.15-6.30 and Junior Disco 6.45-8.30 on Friday 10th February
Nursery parents are required to attend.  Parents from Reception, Y1 and Y2 should not attend  unless they are helpers.  Apply to help through the PTA Facebook or the office. The cost will be £3.50, which includes refreshments; tickets are on sale at the door.  Please note that pick up at 6.30 for infants is from the infant playground door.
Maidenhead’s Homeless Shelter
At last, the homeless shelter is due to open any day.
This is a huge undertaking. They now have two critical needs. If you can help with either, it may well make all the difference in whether the shelter becomes a reality and is sustainable.
1. Funding
The Shelter urgently need funding. Please can you consider setting up a monthly standing order to help cover the costs. The Brett Foundation estimate it needs to raise £5,000 each month. There are a number of different ideas about where to raise funds. But the core of the success will be getting enough people to donate a regular sum of money – £1/month, £10/month, £50/month, £100/month – whatever is comfortable for you. We hope to attract large numbers of people to donate smaller amounts of money, along with a few people who may be able to afford more. So if you have any friends who want to help make this a success, please ask them to donate too, along with their friends. You can set up regular donations by standing order, or make individual donations, here:
2. Volunteering
Overnight volunteers are urgently needed. People are also needed who can help set up each night, and clean up/help with breakfast in the morning. If you have already put your name forward and been contacted, there is no need to re-register. But if you can spare a night, an evening or a breakfast-time once a month – or more, please email us below:
If there is anything in this newsletter that is not clear please do ask.

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