Cross Country


The following children were selected following lunch time trials that involved a total of 120 children! It is great that so many children are prepared to come and have a go at running before school on a Friday morning and for an event like this: William O’Connor, Ben Bradley, Katie Aspinall, Julianna Hoonhorst, Gabriel Shaw, Jack McCartney, Steffi Swanson, Caitlin Freeman, Bence Farago, Willem Hoonhorst, Emily Sarno and Nathalie Prokes.

There were 15 teams entered from local schools and our children ran extremely well gathering 2 first places, 2 second and one third. The final results placed our first team in third place overall which explains the smiling faces and medal wearing children last Monday at parents’ evening!

A big thank you to Mrs Evans for taking the children over to this competition whilst the teachers were all busy.

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