Japanese Sports Day & Rajio Taiso

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARAJIO TASIO is one of the many reasons why Japanese live longer than us Brits.

As a school council rep & pupil I’m looking for options on doing something like this during or as a PE lesson to keep our schools students healthy and happy

Rajio Taiso is a popular radio station in Japan.  At 6am every day children and adults wake up to start their day by tuning into a fitness routine to music on the radio.  It’s always the same routine. During the school holidays parents encourage the children to get up at 6am and go to the local park where they can join in the same daily fitness routine in real life. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

At school during our Japanese lesson we were learning about Sports Day in Japan where all the children divide into two teams; the reds (aka) and whites (shiro).  First of all we started our lesson with RAJIO TAISO warm-up and then we went to the studio and played some games and then we did human pyramids like they do in Japan.  It was great fun!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A Link for RAJIO TAISO if you’d like to find out more:

Written by Alice Duncan
Year 5

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