Present: Head Teacher Tricia Opalko, Governors: Fr Pepe, Dean Bickford and Nancy Rowe.
Subject: G14 Summit and ‘Topic’ Study
Year 1 & 2 Statements and Discussion

The children were asked by Tricia if they thought it was good to learn about subjects other than English and Maths and what they thought about ‘Topic’ (things not on the national curriculum, e.g. History and Geography).

  • “Kids like to learn about ‘Topic’. If you just learn English and Maths, you aren’t knowledgeable. It’s good to learn about other things.” (Yr 2)
  • “G14 is all about ‘Topic’ and our ‘doorways’ – about sustainability.”
  • “Ours is about rubbish”
  • “Ours is about food and drink”
  • “We learned about food miles. Bananas take a lot of transport.”
  • “Too much food from the aeroplanes can damage the ozone layer.”
  • “It’s good to buy local food.”

Wear it Wild: “we have been learning about and dressed like animals that are

  • “St Lucia is hot and humid, lots of coconuts and lots of rainforests”
  • “In rainforests, more than half of the world’s animals live there”
  • “Baby snakes are called hatchlings”
  • “Amphibians live on water and a bit on land”
  • “We’ve been learning about farm animals, not free range animals are not kept nicely.
  • We should keep them nicely.”
  • “The lighter the yolk, the less well kept the eggs. We should look for dark yolks.”
  • “Luna means moon”

In the staffroom where Pupil Chat was taking place, there was food left over from a ‘Roman banquet’. The children were encouraged to have what they liked of the food whilst waiting for the other children to arrive. It was noticed that they were very polite, enthusiastic and conversational to staff, governors and each other.

Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 Statements and Discussion regarding History and Geography (‘Topic’)
Tricia asked, “What’s the point of studying History and Geography?”
Statements from Yr 6 students:

  • “You can see how good our lives are compared to ‘back then’”
  • “It’s fun to learn about life before us”
  • “We can teach people what we learn”

Statements in relation to Geography:

  • “We learn about things from all over the world and can use it in everyday life”
  • “We learn geographical language: meanders, tributaries, upper, middle and lower course, precipitation, evaporation, condensation – all about the water cycle.”

Students from Yr 3 have been studying History and the Stone Age. They have examined maps, read the book Ug and learned knitting and sewing.

  • “It’s really fun”
  • “We did drawings with charcoal like the Stone Age”
  • “…looking at maps of Europe, named loads of European countries”
  • “I think History and Geography are the best subjects”
  • “Mr McKell makes it fun to learn”
  • “We’ve been learning about Roman food”
  • “…made food without processed sugar, we used honey.”
  • “Geography – we use it in everyday life.”
  • “Mrs Barry makes the learning fun – we do work, but it’s fun.”
  • “Our teachers make it fun so we remember it – if it was just writing it down, I wouldn’t remember it.”
  • “No matter what country we live in, we are all the same, we are all equal.”
  • “We learned about Malala, she is an inspiration because she stood up so that girls can be educated. We are not treated equally. Not everyone has the same opportunities that we do, we need to appreciate it.”
  • “When we studied Egyptians, we had loads of fun.”
  • “When we did Tudors, we did ‘Geoglish’, which is Geography and English together.”
  • “We used diary entries and used a certain art style to learn from.”
  • “We learned DT and Romans together.”
  • “We learned about food and that the Romans ate until they were sick (in the vomitorium).”

The children were asked: “If the school had extra resources, what would they like to be bought?”
“I would suggest we should buy maps.”

The governors were very impressed with the articulation of the children. They gave formed opinions and well-thought discussions. They are a credit to our school and teachers.

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