Governors Present – Edward Robinson and Nick Griffiths
Years 1 and 2
All the children “love” maths and they have maths lessons every day. Most children felt that Maths was their favourite topic.

  • In Maths they learn about shapes and patterns and not just about number.
  • The children talked about the play they had recently seen called Captain Halfinch which helped them understand their times tables, adding and subtracting.
  • One child explained some adding techniques called “partitioning and combining”.
  • One child explained about Venn diagrams and Carrol diagrams.
  • Most children were not afraid to ask their teacher for help if they needed it and the others wanted to solve the problems on their own.
  • At the mention of “Sumdog” all children became very animated and agreed it was a really fun and educational way to learn Maths. Children play the game at home and in school.
  • When asked “Is Maths fun” – 7 out of 8 children said “Yes!”

Years 3, 4 , 5 and 6
All children liked maths and their teachers are very supportive of their learning. The children like adding their comments at the end of work as it is a chance to tell the teacher how they are finding the learning.

  • One child said he had one word to describe how he felt about Maths – “fun”!
  • Children discussed the importance of Maths and how varied a topic it is – shapes, patterns, fractions etc.
  • As it was Maths day the children gave an example of coding.
  • One teacher sets up a treasure hunt around the school with Maths questions and that is really fun.
  • Members of Year 6 talked about their input into the times table club which helps those who are struggling with this part of Maths. They all enjoyed being involved.
  • Again the children became very animated when discussing Sumdog and they love the competitive element to it and that it is set to their level.
  • Maths homework is great fun – sumdog or maths sheets.

Note:The topic was originally going to be about English but as it was Maths day we felt that a change was appropriate. The children were not surprised by this change and talked very openly about Maths.

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