Winner of Rotary Essay Writing Competition

Elizabeth McAllister was unanimously chosen as the winner by the judges.  
Our World Is Beautiful
Beauty is the unknown.  Our mysterious world is full of the unknown.  The billions of stars in the night sky, the deep trenches in the vast unexplored ocean and even mankind itself.  The most beautiful mystery in my eyes is of how we came to be.

Everyone has different views on this.  Some base it on religion, some on science and some think it’s just pure magic.  I don’t know what you believe, but I do know that there’s something special about our world, something we need to protect and care for.  Humanity needs to protect this wonderful world, full of life.

Another mystery is of what happens on this planet of beauty. All these undiscovered species of plants animal and fungi in our world and all the places no one dares to go in fear of what they might find.

It’s very puzzling to think that our world is so big to us, yet so small, only a fragment of the incredible universe we live in.  It is hard for us to wrap our heads around it, as whatever created this universe must be much wiser and much more complex than the human mind.

Our own mind is beautiful.  All these things we have created and discovered all came from our complex minds.  Some people don’t believe in magic, but it honestly depends on your view, because if you look around at all the technology we have, I believe our urban world today is like magic.

It’s not just the urban side of the world I find beautiful, it’s also the rural side: all the beautiful creatures – the birds, the mammals and the fish, each species different from the next.  It’s amazing how all animals have adapted and have their own sort of super-power, such as birds that can fly and fish that can turn water into oxygen, something that no humans can do, even though we are thought to be above every animal, plant and fungi.

The humans on this planet are quizzical.  They are the same but so different.  One side live in trendy high-street apartments and shop in Harrods and Boutique every day, whilst the other side dress in beaten-up boots and dungarees, making a living on potatoes and freshly farmed fruit.  It is a mystery how in-equal humans can be.  I’m afraid to say this is one mystery I find not so beautiful; I actually find it rather sad that the beauty of mankind is not quite perfect beauty, as deep down in our not quite so beautiful hearts we all have an element of hatred, jealousy and distrust.

To sum up my view of beauty, I believe that most mysteries are beautiful, especially those of nature and love.  In my eyes beauty is the unknown.

Beauty is a mystery.


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