Dates for Term

Please take a note of these dates in your diary/calendar. Dates may change so do read the weekly newsletter to keep up to date.

26 April      Y3 to Chiltern Open Air Museum.
29               Bring in a plant to school day. Great Fire of London Workshop for Y2.
2 May         9.30 Start of term Mass-Y5s to present.
3                 3.30-5.00 Bingo. Infant children must be accompanied by an adult.
6                  Bank Holiday-children off school
7                 Jennifer Killick (author) workshop for Y3/4. 8.00 PTA meeting
10               Y4 to Stonor. 7.00 Y3 Production for parents.
13               SATs Week for Y6 (Mon-Thurs).
15               Y4 to Lion King
24                5.15 KS1 and nursery disco. 6.45 KS2 disco.
Half Term Mon 27th -31st May.
3 June        Kayaking for Miss Opalko’s English group.
4                 Kayaking for Mr Brutnall’s English group. 8.00 PTA meeting.
10               Phonics screening week for Y1. Group Photos taken. 6.00 Relationship and Sex talk for Y6 parents.
11               Group Photos taken.
15               Saturday-PTA camping night.
19                9.10 Miss Thomson’s class assembly
20               Life of Christ-Y5 trip.
21               Staff training –children not in school.
24                9.30 Y5 to the Mosque.
27               9.10 Mrs Brookman’s English Class Assembly
28               9.00-Grocery Line.
30                Sunday-12.00-3.00 Summer Fun Day
2 July         9.10 Mrs Camp-Overy’s English Class Assembly.  8.00 PTA meeting.
4                 1.30 Mitch Johnston (author) in for Y6.
5                 10.00 KS1(Infants) Sports’ Day. 12.00 Picnic for parents 1.15 KS2 (Junior) Sports’ Day-Races only.
9                 1.00-6.00 Parents’ meetings for Mrs Van Schie’s class. 3.30-6.00 Parents meeting for Miss Batson’s class.
11               10.30 Y4-6 rehearsal for African Jigsaw at Norden Farm. 1.00 Parents meeting for Miss Batson’s class. 7.00 Performance of African Jigsaw at Norden Farm for Years 4-6.
12               7.00 African Jigsaw Performance for Years 4-6.
17               Reserve date for KS1(Infants) and KS2 (Juniors) sports’ day.
18               Break the Rules day 1.15 Field Events for Juniors. 7.00 Prospective parents’ induction evening.
22                3.30 Y6 Leavers’ Party.
23               9.30 Leavers’ Mass. 2.15 Break up.

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