Curriculum Map Reception



Creation – Introducing children to God as creator of all they see around them and the idea of giving thanks.
Prayer, Saints and Feasts – Focuses on people who help us to know God.
Other Faiths – Hinduism
Advent – This season is introduced as a special time when we get ready for the birth of Jesus.


Counting – using and applying to 10 and beyond.
More / Less
Addition Pairs
Comparing Length and Height
Time – Days of the week, Months of the Year, Seasons
2D shapes
Recognising patterns
Problem Solving


Phonics – Letters and Sounds Scheme
Handwriting – Focus on Pencil grip, seating position and patterns
Speaking and Listening (Show and Tell)
Reading Activities – Individual, Shared and Guided
Labels, lists and Captions
Traditional Fairy Tales
Stories with familiar settings
Poetry and Nursery Rhymes
Stories from Fantasy Worlds
Stories from other cultures

Knowledge of the World

People Who Help Us
Using a computer to learn

Physical Development

Outdoor games and skill development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Learning the Golden Rules
Taking turns
Dressing and undressing independently
Developing listening skills to aid learning

Expressive Arts and Design

Cutting – learning safety and cutting skills
Singing and learning to use a variety of musical instruments
Role play
Drawing and colouring

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