Travel & Traffic


Year 5 and 6

  • Turning Circle continues to reduce congestion on Altwood Rd, in the mornings as well as the afternoons.
  • Bike shed continues to be used especially on ‘bike it’ type events.
  • Bike it Skills event proved very popular again with almost 40 children taking part on 10th February.
  • Bikeability proved popular again, with all children passing and receiving level 1 or 2 certificates.
  • Sustrans representative (Patrick Ramaya) presented an assembly to promote cycling to school and road safety.
  • Walk to School Week competition – best classes (PT, CH and JC) Children involved in collecting and analyzing the data from the Strider’s Diary Walking Challenge. A total of 1, 125 journeys were made on foot, scooter, bike or park and stride. This is double the usual amount!
  • Continued with the additional reward scheme for those walking/park and striding. Best class announced in Award Assembly received a reward, usually sweets.
  • Travel and Traffic issues explored as part of the PSHE scheme of work. WE explored CAFOD Just One World, the greenhouse effect.
  • Travel and Traffic theme used in SM year 5 literacy class teaching and learning: persuasive writing, balanced arguments, debates, posters and comprehension activities.
  • SM class presented at the G13 Summit. Children created: board games, Powerpoint presentations, Scratch games, travel safety quiz and songs etc)


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