Global Citizenship

Y5/6 – Mrs Camp-Overy and Mrs Barry

  • We developed better debating skills and considered important issues around social justice and immigration during our frequent P4C sessions.  Some of us changed our views, some got better at challenging the views of others and we all got better at expressing our views in a group.  We learnt that we ‘care about things going on the world that we never knew we cared about’.
  • We studied GC across the curriculum, for example we learnt about El Salvador in Geography and considered the country’s many strengths and what we can learn from it but also considered it from a humanitarian viewpoint.  We challenged our perceptions and explord our misconceptions of Ethiopia, India, UK and Vietnam when we studied statistics for each country including GDP, numbers living in poverty and access to healthcare.   In RE we learnt how to be co-creators and be good stewards of God’s world.  We developed our thoughts and understanding of what it means to be a good Global Citizen in the context of our Catholic faith.  Faith in Action is at the heart of being a good Global Citizen and a good Catholic.
  • Our maths class researched charities and decided which they would support individually.  Then each child was given £5 and they were challenged to turn it into money for their chosen charity.  Activities undertaken included: a cake sale, scrunchie & hairband stall; and a penalty shootout among others.  Children also produced leaflets and posters to promote awareness of their chosen charity.  Over £500 was raised by the class for charities including CAFOD and Cancer Research.
  • We have a Global Citizenship display with images illustrating the ‘Declaration of Human Rights’ from the Amnesty book.  We have used the images as a stimulus for P4C discussions.
  • Children spoke about CAFOD’s fast day in church and helped CAFOD raise more money to help others around the world.
  • We further developed our appreciation for other cultures by visiting the Sikh Temple in Neasden.
  • We invited visitors into our class from CAFOD and ActionAid to develop our knowledge of global issues including gender inequality and lack of education for children in some parts of the world.
  • Our English class presented an assembly for Harvest Festival.  We focused on food availability around the world and hunger.
  • Our two eco-reps attended meetings regularly and fed-back ideas to the class.  One of the reps attended an overnight ‘Eco-Festival’ with Mrs Opalko where she was named ‘Greenest Teacher of the Year’ out of over four thousand other teachers.

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