Video Conference

November 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPupils from Year 3-6 took part in a community event at school organised by multinational pharmaceutical firm Johnson & Johnson.  Children looked at how viruses and bacteria spread, and what we can do to try to stop them spreading.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen children joined in a video conference where they had the opportunity to talk in real time to participants in USA, Belgium, Holland and Ireland.  Children who speak a second language were able to ask and answer questions in their own language (Dutch, Polish, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish).  Participating in the video conference was a primary school in Ireland and children from our school asked them questions such as, “What languages do you learn?” and “Who is your school’s patron saint?”.

At the end of the event, children were rewarded with a Johnson & Johnson product.  Thanks to Martim Gonçalves’s  mum for organising the event.

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