Governors Present Tricia Opalko (TO), Eddie Robinson (ER), Julia Evans (JE), Nancy Rowe (NR) & Fr Pepe (JC)

PART 1 – Infants (Yrs 1 and Yrs 2)

  • The children were asked “Do they feel safe and what does safe mean?”
  • They all felt safe because they had friends and they could approach any of the teachers.
  • They know not to go through gates and if they saw any child going through a gate they would immediately tell a teacher or adult helper.
  • The teachers set boundaries where the children know they can play.
  • The children like having adults in the playground.
  • The rules make them feel safe.
  • The children would like the zebra crossing re-painted to make it clearer. The Zebra crossing has made them feel safe.

PART 2 – Lower Juniors and Upper Juniors (Yrs 3- Yrs 6)

  • Children were asked the same question.
  • The felt safe because there were always teachers around.
  • They also would feel safe if there were a fire because drills are practiced. They know the class should head to the field and walk sensibly. One Yr 3 student admitted he would feel a bit nervous but practice will help him.
  • Children know the boundaries for playtime on the field as it is open. Children would tell the teacher on duty if any other child disregarded the rules.
  • They understand they are not allowed in the “nature area” because if they were to play there then all the bugs / insects might leave / be harmed (unintentionally!)
  • Children feel safer with the new green fences that have been erected.
  • They asked for the area of stinging nettles to be weeded and the blackberry bush to be trimmed near the play area. They also asked for the zebra crossing to be re-painted.
  • The children who had attended the bikeability course felt safer on the roads as they had a better knowledge of the highway code.
  • If they felt any other child was “doing wrong” they would feel confident enough to tell a teacher.

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