The Welfare of pupils

The Welfare of pupils

Special Needs
The school has a policy to cater for the differing needs of children whilst they are learning. To meet the specific needs of pupils with medical conditions or learning difficulties, whether they are statemented or not “Progress Reviews” will be developed by the staff in consultation with the parents.  Once a concern has been raised – either when a child enters school or as their educational development is assessed, the parents are invited to school to discuss this individual plan for their child with the appropriate staff. Parents are expected to be involved in the plan, its implementation and review.

The ‘Special Needs Code of Practice’ is a way of identifying the needs of children and meeting them, where possible, by using mainly school staff. Some children may have specific needs that cannot be met wholly in school. The parents of all children classified on the school register of needs will be consulted and informed of any special provision, which might be considered. Many children within their school life may appear on the register for varying periods of time. Nationally this figure is around 20% of a school population.

The school building complies with the requirements as laid out in the Disability Discrimination Act.  We are wheelchair friendly and have a disabled toilet.

Able, Gifted and Talented
In our school, we aim to provide a curriculum that challenges and enriches the learning of each child.

Through differentiated planning, it is the class teacher’s responsibility to ensure that the most able children are challenged and extended through the work that is set for them.  Opportunities will be given to generate their own learning eg through investigation and research. We encourage them to think and work independently, which may include reflecting on their work to evaluate what they have done and explain what they have learnt.

Child Protection
As a school we are committed to ensuring that all our children are well cared for, safe and protected. We follow the Local Education Authority’s Child Protection procedures. Any incidents, which raise a concern for a child’s well-being will usually be discussed with the family. However, parents need to be aware that it is also part of the school’s responsibility to discuss or refer incidents of abuse or suspected abuse to other agencies. In very rare circumstances this could be without any first discussion with the family.

SEND School Local Offer

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