Deborah Buckingham

What is role on the Governing Body? debs
Clerk to the Governing Body.
What does this role mean?
That I can do a role I am good at and enjoy, and feel I am part of and aiding the education of all children who attend the school.
How long have you been a Governor?
Clerk since Sept 2004.
Is there anything in the Education system which excites you or scares you?
Children learning excites me and lack of funds scares me.
What keeps you busy during the day?
Bookkeeping role at a local business part time, organising the household and being a wife/mum.
Is there any aspect of your “day-job” which you bring to your role as a Governor?
Organisation and logical reason, working part time enables me to clerk.
Do you have a favourite hobby?
Yoga and cross stitch.
Can you tell us a piece of advice you have been given which has stuck with you?
To listen to the advice of others but ultimately go with your own intuition.
Can you tell us how you relax?
Yoga and cooking.
Do you follow a particular sport?
Actively or non-actively! I love tennis, especially Wimbledon as a non active, and yoga as an active.
Can you tell us what three dishes would be in your best meal?
Roast chicken dinner, duck in orange sauce with lots of vegetables, cheese and onion toastie.
What did you do over the recent summer holidays?
Spent time with my girls: went to London, saw Top Hat and Chorus Line, and meandered around Harrods (buying jam and tea which are delicious).
Who would you like to invite for a meal at your house and why?
Lee Mead, as I love musical theatre and his curly hair (mine is curly too!)
Which actress would play you in a film?
Helen Mirren.
What is your favourite film(s)?
Evita, The Queen, The Vow.
Which song have you been humming recently?
Argh… The smurfs theme tune and Blood brother songs.
Who was your favourite teacher at school and why?
Mrs Parry Jones, she taught me to cook, I got a A in my O Level and I still look to cook and do so for relaxation.


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