Learning for Sustainability

Year 3 – Energy doorway

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYear 3 children received six lessons of learning about Renewable and Non-renewable energy. In these lessons, all children visited the school’s woodchip boiler in the basement and watched the pellets being delivered.

Fossil Fuels

  • What are fossil fuels and how are they formed?
  • What types of pollution are caused by fossil fuels?
  • How is electricity generated?

Renewable Energy

  • To know sources of renewable energy
  • To know ways that biomass can be used for energy
  • To apply our knowledge of renewable energy

In the two Year 3 classes, a ‘doorway’ (energy) themed display has ben maintained all year.

Mr Corbitt’s classroom

  • Display showing off the school’s wood-chip boiler. The display included photos of the children’s visit to the boiler, diagrams of how the boiler works and facts/figures to show how woodchip boilers are an efficient and effective renewable energy source. An interactive feature of the display included samples of the boiler’s fuel.

Miss Harvey’s classroom

  • Eco display all year content included fossil fuels and pollution as well as a renewable energies display.

In the Summer Term, Year 3 participated in the school’s recycling fashion show.

Throughout the year, both classes have embedded ‘energy’ into the curriculum when possible. Where learning about sustainability has occurred, details have been noted on ‘raindrops’ and added to the whole school display.


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